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Collective Choices

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Lightworkers, Twin Flames and Starseeds often experience a sense of loneliness during this time of immense change and growth. Our friends and family members who are not on a path of enlightenment struggle to understand us at best and believe we are crazy at worst. It is important to remain centered and grounded during these times and to reach out to soul family for support.

As Light-Walkers and Light-Talkers, as Casters and Seers, we are always self-sacrificing for those that chose Not to awaken. How does that make you feel? Why? Do you feel that THEY are not worth the sacrifice, or is it that YOU are not worth the sacrifice. To feel that THEY are not worth the sacrifice, is being in ego. They sacrificed their awakening for YOURS. Now, how do you feel about the others? Everything that you have pained your way through, has and is, happening FOR you, for your ascension, it is not happening to you.

We go through a lot of challenging circumstances in our lives because God / the Universe saves the toughest battles for the toughest warriors. We are light warriors and all that is in our path is there for a reason. The trials and tribulations that we endure are what enables us to not only survive but to come out of these situations even stronger. And this is what enables us to teach and be a positive example to those who did choose to awaken, and are struggling. Our super power is our ability to survive, arise from the ashes even stronger and show others they can do the same.

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