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This channeled message and tarot reading is timeless and fluid. When you find it and it resonates, it belongs to you! Enjoy! Cancer, you are in your feelings. You are moving to a higher perspective, but a bit doubtful of the direction you are going. When you surrender and give your faith and trust to God and Universe, know that everything has a purpose. Every feeling, every disagreement, every heart felt moment, they are all orchestrated in a Divine Timing. The confusion of your path is your resistance to let go. Even in your intuitive connection to the Divine, you are trying to control this needed release. Let go of your illusions of control and go with the flow, because this confusion is clouding your Knowing of the Divine Love that is right in front of you. Allow others to be who they need to be, in their own Divine Timing. Letting go, will be Enlightening and will take a load off.

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