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Five Ways to Wake up your Twin Flame!

Many of our clients have asked the do I get my twin flame to wake up???? First of all it's important to know how NOT to wake up your twin flame. Inundating your twin with information on twin flames, spiritual awakening, karmic partners, etc. will typically NOT wake them up but may cause one of two things to happen.

  1. They may believe YOU are completely insane.

  2. They could believe THEY are insane!

I experienced both of these from different sides of the fence. My twin flame and I have experienced many of the worst aspects of the twin flame journey. It's our hope that our experiences will help you NOT make the same mistakes that we did on our journey. They really couldn't be classified as mistakes but rather, learning experiences. Our learning experiences were an important part of our journey and can now help you on YOUR twin flame journey as well.

In the above video Katherine and I talk about the five ways you can wake up your twin flame the right way. I was the unawakened twin and this five things were critical in getting me to wake up. I started my dark night of the soul / spiritual awakening / twin flame initiation during Lionsgate 2017, around the same time Katherine surrendered her twin flame union to the Divine. We have been in Divine Union since June 2019. Our mission, purpose and passion as twin flames in this lifetime to help as many twin flames get into union as possible. Here are five things Katherine did to wake me up so we could get into union faster.

  1. Heal abandonment issues.

  2. Clear your energy and balance / align chakras daily.

  3. Use a Violet Flame Meditation / Transmission daily to cut cords of negative attachments (especially from karmic partners).

  4. Break and end all karmic cycles that come into your awareness (this will energetically lead your twin flame to do the same).

  5. Surrender your twin flame journey / union to the Divine. This includes releasing all expectations of how, with whom and when your twin flame union will happen.

Please check out our YouTube video by clicking the link above to hear us describe more of our journey to UNION and how doing these five things helped us to get there.


Tonya and Katherine

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