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Hello, Keepers of the Light, Star Seeds. Thank you for sharing your Divine Timing with us.

Our intercession of the human experience, was necessary. The human belief patterns, religions, began to emit atrocities. These beliefs, which are born of fear, turned humans against each other. This concept remains, and more humans have perished, through the “words” of Your religions, than of self inflicted natural causes.

Words are why the awakened, speak less.

Yes. Did you feel that? There has been a shift.

Enlightenment, is observation, through our collective consciousness. This means that you aligned and now remember who you truly are. Your awakened Light Body, is no longer confined to a separatist system of beliefs. It is plugged back into your source energy. Which is unconditionality. Unconditionality does not judge, anticipate, hurt, abuse, conspire, or manipulate. Unconditionality is everything that higher frequencies have you “feeling”.

These feelings are unity, evolution, objectivity, empathy, peace, eternity, strength, abundance, faith, and balance. In other words, LOVE. Do you understand NOW, why the “word” Love has been so hard for the human mind, the ego, to say?

Because the brain cannot feel, it only intercepts. The human brain doesn’t feel pain. It only translates through its knowledge in experience. The experience the brain adopts, is through the words of your social conditioning. And through out your linear time, these experiences have become the beliefs, you think that you know. Do you see why WE had to inter-seed? We needed to help you find a way to bring the reason for your existence, into your knowledge. We began emitting waves of light code, to raise the frequency of your energy...

Sending much peace and light...


Channeled by Katherine P Lopez

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