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The Light Movement - Manifestation

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

the light movement - Earth

The Light Movement - Manifestation

How do you manifest your environment?

You do it by just knowing that, as you make your personal shifts, your environment has no choice but to be.

Because as you grow and enlighten, The Law of Attraction, will bring to you, more of what your energy is.

And what is this?

It is what you say and think and feel. Mindfulness helps you stay aligned for what you are wanting.

So, what is the level of your consciousness manifesting in your future?

YOU are the key for allowing it, or stopping it.

YOU create the abundance in your life, or lack there of.

Believe in yourself, not what someone else thinks of you.


Everyone is living a human experience, fit to their own soul purpose.

Your environment, home, relationships, jobs, and so on, are vibrationally attracted to you, by you.

Want happiness in life, be happy.

Want order in life, release what doesn't serve your path.

The human life has been conditioned and confined to their societal beliefs.

This shuts you off from your soul, from your higher - self, and from knowing the reasoning, for your existence.

Releasing your social conditioning, will allow you to get to know who YOU truly are.

Who are you, without being told who you should be?

This is the question that triggers your awakening and self-awareness. Your truth is within.


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