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What is a Spiritual Awakening???

During this pivotal time in human history, many are probably wondering what is a spiritual awakening and how do I know if I am awakened? As the collective begins the awakening process, many may be very confused and even fearful. A spiritual awakening is actually a lifelong process. Once this process begins, it is a continual one as long as we are on the earth plane. We are always healing, evolving and expanding our conscious awareness.

We awaken spiritually as we start to shift from ego-based (3D) thinking to heart centered awareness. As we experience the death of the ego, we transition from mind to heart and realize that what we thought was our reality is actually false programming. This false programming was designed to control the human collective in order to prevent enlightenment and evolution. During this time we begin to examine our lives and can now recognize negative repetitive patterns...karmic patterns. Karmic patterns will persist until the soul lesson is learned and integrated. We also become more grounded in the present moment and we experience an overwhelming desire to begin making the life changes that will align us with our highest possible timeline and life purpose.

As we awaken we begin to feel our connection to all things. It could be more accurately described as REMEMBERING our connection to all that is. This connection has always existed, we just have to remember how to use it. As 'psychics', it is this connection to Gaia and all of its' inhabitants that enables us to 'read' others, wherever they are in the world. Once this connection is re-established we begin to seek out ways to be of service to others and to the planet. For example,many may choose to transition to a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle at this time. We also begin to embrace an attitude of non-judgement during this time, realizing that we all have our own unique path.

During a spiritual awakening, you begin to let go of all negative attachments to persons, places and things that do not serve your highest good. As we go within and begin to heal all the aspects of ourselves (our souls), old belief systems, negative thinking patterns and false paradigms and programming are healed and begin to fall away. What remains is our true essence, who we have always truly been and will always be. These negative patterns and beliefs have likely accumulated over many lifetimes, so the healing involved is extensive and many times very painful, but well worth the effort! The inner work (shadow work) and healing is like peeling away the layers of an onion. As you peel away each layer of false beliefs (about yourself and others) you will find that there is another, even deeper layer, beneath. As we heal these perceptions about ourselves, we begin to experience more and more inner peace. You will begin to experience the events of the world around you differently. Of course we will always face challenges in life, however, the ability to view events from a higher perspective of non-judgement lessens the impact. We become much more emotionally mature and armed with the knowledge that we co-create our own reality. This is the good and the bad of the mind-body connection. Our inner world reflects our outer world.

What many refer to as 'psychic' abilities are innate in each and every one of us. As we awaken, our natural talents and abilities awaken as well. For many of us this begins as enhanced intuition. How and to what extent you develop your abilities are impeded only by your false / negative belief systems. We are all connected and we are all 'psychic'.

When the time comes (Divine Timing) to begin your Spiritual Awakening, your higher self, angels and guides will begin to send messages in the form of DNA Awakening Codes and Angel Numbers. 1111 and 1313 are examples of DNA Awakening Codes. Seeing these numbers repeatedly triggers a response in our brains and our DNA. (the part of our DNA scientists' previously believed to be 'junk') These codes come in to tell us to "Wake Up and remember who you are!!!". And so begins the development (remembering) of our intuition. Your intuition tells you to check the time at 11:11, which will eventually prompt you to seek out more information about this phenomenon. Our angels and guides will also send us messages via number sequences called angel numbers. These messages can be words of encouragement, insights as to what is coming, warnings and guidance as to what the next step is along our path. Angel numbers are typically comprised of three to four digits in any and all combinations. When you see the same number repeatedly you can 'google' it by typing (for example) 123 angel number meaning in your search bar.

During a Spiritual Awakening you will experience increased compassion for yourself and others. As our vibrations rise higher, so does our ability to see all things from a much higher perspective. We realize that we have all come here to experience certain things, play a certain role, learn and grow. You come to realize that your life (and all of the events that comprise it) has no longer happened TO you but FOR you and for your soul growth. By changing your perspective and viewing yourself and others from a higher (non-judgemental) perspective, you are able to have much greater compassion for all.

As the level of awakening increases, fear (including the fear of death) decreases. We are immortal and infinite souls having a temporary human experience. The past is gone and the future does not yet exist. It's important to live in the present moment - the present is your reality.

Becoming awakened empowers us to live our lives with passion and purpose. We are able to speak our truth and live our own lives with authenticity and transparency. Through our increased confidence and self-worth, it no longer matters what the perceptions of others are. We are finally able to feel comfortable in our own skin (this has eluded many of us in the past) because we are all perfectly unique.

For help on your journey schedule a session with us today!

In order to facilitate you Spiritual Awakening, develop a daily practice that includes some of the following:



Spend time outdoors



consume high vibration food and drinks

Dancing and singing

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