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What is Reiki? And why Reiki is important for your Ascension Path.

Reiki is our Universal life force energy, our Chi. A practitioner of Reiki, is able to feel this energy, and through our hand chakras, help awaken and move and open up blockages that are preventing the flow of the energy in our chakras(our energy centers). Our chakras are connected to our physical body. So when there is a block in our energy, our physical body will display an illness or pain, or through our emotions, we will experience anxiety, depression, or other chemical imbalances. As we become consciously awakened (enlightened), we become stronger in our INNATE abilities, our Psychic Abilities. Our Psychic Abilities are our internal GPS system. Our ability to “feel” our internal GPS system, is our intuition. As we clean, clear, and heal our energetic light bodies, through creating balance with Reiki, we are able to have a clear connection with our Source Energy. This balance takes us back “Home”, to Source/God/Spirit/Universe. When our Life force Energy is healed, your awakening and self-awareness, brings you back on track with your Life Purpose, and you are shedding what no longer serves you, through Gratitude, Authenticity, and Universal Unconditional Love for yourself and for all.

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