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Why do some of us have false (or pre) twin flames?

There are many terms for what we know of as a false twin flame. False twins, pre-twins and / or soul catalysts are similar to other karmic soulmates. There is only one true twin flame, but these other types of soulmates may come in first to prepare us for the twin flame relationship. They come into our lives to teach lessons, to initiate soul growth or to balance karmic scales. So...why are these soulmates so hard to detach from? Because they have to be. However you want to label them, these connections must FEEL like a twin flame connection. It is very likely that prior to meeting the catalyst you had never heard of the term twin flame much less have any understanding of what the twin flame journey actually is. We hope to answer some of these questions here.

Katherine and I both had catalyst pre-twins that quantum leaped our spiritual awakening. I met my pre-twin in 2017 and we were together for just a short time. It was after we separated that I started my dark night of the soul and spiritual awakening. Prior to that I knew absolutely nothing about spiritualism or twin flames. I even thought soulmates were just a concept and not something based in reality. It was during this dark night of the soul that I was initiated into the twin flame journey. It's called an initiation because that is exactly what it is. As twin flames we go through a series of very challenging tests that lead to soul growth, healing and self-mastery. It's a journey not a destination. The journey to self mastery can be extremely difficult as we are forced to examine the parts of ourselves (shadow aspects) that we have likely buried for a very long time. I remember more times than I can count when I wanted to just give up. I would have given up had my true twin and my spirit guides not been there to save me. When a twin flame wants to give up the journey, the universe tends to bombard you with signs and synchronicities and tower moments. It becomes easier to stay on path than to try to get off of it. The motivating factor should always be your own self healing and ascension. Your twin flame union is the byproduct of the journey itself.

There needs to be a shift in perception in how we look a the pre twin or karmic soulmate. A lot of twins seem to get stuck in this phase of the journey. The karmic connection can be painful beyond belief. It looks like a twin and feels like a could it not be a twin? Because you're not yet ready for a twin flame relationship. To me it's like practicing for the big game. The World Cup. You are expected to make mistakes when you are practicing, that's what it's for. You are perfecting your technique for the real deal so when the day finally comes you will be your very best. So to put it simply a karmic connection is practice. You will make a lot of mistakes but you will always have the ability to move forward as long as you can learn from them. It MUST feel real (heartbreakingly) because this is the best way to prepare you for your Union.

The video above goes into detail about the signs that your connection may be karmic rather than a true twin flame. If this describes your current situation it is NOT bad news. It doesn't mean you are not a twin flame. It absolutely means that you ARE a twin flame and you are on the path to union (reunion). We are all part of the twin flame collective so NEVER give up on your twin flame. Giving up on your twin flame is giving up on yourself. There IS hope and Union WILL happen!

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