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Have you ever been in a pool and let yourself sink to the bottom? Then, listen to the muffled sounds from above the water? You begin to realize that, the sounds drown out. It is actually quite peaceful, watching the sunlight twinkle off the surface of the water. And in this moment, you wonder what, the life above, would be like if you ceased to exit, in it. Who would notice? Who would miss you? How would life go on? Then, wonder what you would change in your life, if you could? You can always, begin again. This scenario is what Enlightenment feels like. An awakening of the Self, is a triggered and Fated event. Have you ever had an experience that changed your life’s perspective? I have. More than once. I’ll tell you from experience, what you resist, will persist. Meaning, what you allow fear to take over, will continue to keep you in a state of stagnation. When awakened, you will notice that, it feels like you’ve awakened from a long coma. Authenticity sets in and suddenly everyones true colors, start shining through. Who will you keep in your life now? What do you want to do with YOUR life, now? These are questions to FEEL your way through. Your self-awareness is how, one makes their journey back to Source. This is where you break free, from the constants of social conditioning, through the 3D Matrix. You deserve True Freedom, for your True Purpose, in this Human Experience. The next time you have the chance, sink to the bottom of a pool, and look up. Who would you be, if Truly FREE?

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How are you feeling? What are going through? Your experiences before and after a Full Moon, are what you are needing to release Control from. The Higher purpose of a Full Moon, is to awaken you to Higher Learning of yourself. This means to release the illusion of control. Whatever you resist, will persist. Why? Because whatever the situation or person, creating uneasiness in your life, is not meant for your future or fits in your present. Affirmations cannot ignite, without the space for them. In letting go of everything that you have been taught to believe, look at yourself naked in a mirror and feel what you see. This is your truth, no one else’s. Your Truth is in your light, and you are a Spark of the Divine Source energy within, called your Soul. Your Soul is who you truly are. Who are YOU?

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These questions will always be tested, argued and explored. This is the evolution of our consciousness. This process is enlightenment. This exploration is a premeditated awakening. There is a purpose, grander that we will ever know in one human experience.


Every lifetime, every human experience, is a journey of seed planting. The seeds, your eternal ethereal knowledge, is what shape the direction of, evolving from our subconscious mind, to our soul's consciousness. Time over time, the enlightenment downloads we receive, are triggers and codes that awaken our crystalline DNA. Our crystalline DNA are the blueprints of life force, chi, soul...our energy light imprint. The crystalline DNA that we awaken...will stay awakened lifetime to lifetime.


Our light bodies, which is our true form, are composed of energy, frequencies and vibrations. Whichever they are, they mold our level of consciousness for the next lifetime. This is how and why the human experience becomes more and more evolved, for our survival and the conditions of the planet. Our light consciousness makes each one of us, a seed of the expansion, needed for the betterment of humanity. Coming together in a Unity Consciousness, speeds up this process.

If you are seeking guidance on your spiritual journey or ascension path book a Spirit Session with us today!

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