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A Collective Message For The Divine Feminine

During a Spirit Session reading for a client, a message for the Divine Feminine came through. Let the feminine lead the way. This message resonates as a sign of the times. As we ascend through the current shift in consciousness, our focus is now discerned through our self-love. The Way of the Feminine is through her heart. The Divine Feminine energy brings our consciousness back home, back to our Source. She embodies the adage, “Home is where the Heart is”. This is the return to Source/God/Spirit/Universe. The Divine Feminine energy feels through her Faith, is Comfortable in her Home, and is Confident in her Love. Allowing the Feminine to Lead the Way, helps the Divine Masculine to arise with Courage & Strength. Thus, co-creating the balance of the Ying/Yang. Our inner Divine Feminine, leads us back to our Self-Love and our Self-Worth. This inner healing of nurturing through self-care, is what connects us to the vibrations & frequencies of higher dimensions, and to the paradigm shifts that are needed in order to release what no longer serves us.

This message of Letting the Feminine Lead the Way, is validation for the current energy of Going back Home, for the birth of Enlightenment through Ascension.

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