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Ascension Energy Update - Unity Consciousness - Heaven on Earth is Here. Are you READY???

As we venture out into our new year, be kind to yourself. So much of what has transpired in 2020, is spilled over into 2021. This is why a cloud of disillusionment made us question our paths. As we all, release and let go of expectations of what will happen next, we can (as the collective we are),  eliminate fear and doubt (EGO), from our outcomes, and heal our connection with Spirit/God/Universe. Healing our connection involves having faith in Divine Guidance and Divine Timing. Having Trust in the Divine, is having trust in yourself, and loving yourself. You are worth making Your Heaven on Earth and this is something that only YOU can do. Your environment sets the tone for your expansion. So, what do you see around you? The energy and the momentum of your inner healing, is reflected in everything you do, say, and touch. For example, Is your home cluttered? This says you are wanting to move forward, but are in lack of Confidence, self-love, self-worth, codependency, and freedom. TRUST in the Divine, and your Spirit removes blocks and obstacles on your path. Faith is believing, in the Divine Order of situations and circumstances in your life. Faith is an inner knowing, that whatever you are experiencing, IS for your highest good and learning. Having Patience in this process, is realizing, that all that you have been feeling in lack of, is a reflection of how you are feeling about yourself, as do your actions and reactions in moments of discontent. When we are waiting, and waiting, for a particular outcome that didn’t materialize, this is a BIG sign that there wasn’t balance or an alignment with our Highest Good for all, through God/Spirit/and The Universe. Everything has a purpose, and an objective balance. This is what allows us, as a collective, to evolve consciously. Being disconnected from GOD/SPIRIT within, causes chaos, anger, dis-ease, confusion, control, codependency, abandonment, fear, outrage, rage, depression, manipulation, feeling lost and let down, and so on. These issues are 3D behavior. In 3D perceptions and perspectives, we look for validation to rationalize, through our minds, and what we “Think”, becomes our religion. What we “think” comes from our 3D minds, and our beliefs are born, of what our society and social conditioning, tells us that what we “See”, is truth, and like sheeple, we follow. The brain/mind, does not “Feel”, it doesn’t have nociceptors, that are pain indicators, and let you know there is something wrong and out of balance. The heart does. It beats in the frequency of the Earth. Therefore, our heart center, is sensitive to every shift and every bump in our paths. 5D consciousness, is born from our faith in the “unseen”. What we don’t “see” is what we trust, by “feeling” our direction through our inner guidance, God/Spirit/Universe. This Guidance is our knowing that we, individually, don’t call all the shots. Our energetic connection to our Earth, tells us everything we ever want to know, about ourselves and our environment. So, as a collective, we are creating our Worlds. There isn’t a Heaven on earth, when Ego minds have created separation and disillusionment, through Control. Which in turn, is what those in this 3D mindset, are in lack of within themselves. Which is a lack of Love, Peace, Compassion, Consideration, and lack of conscious evolution of the self and for others. This is selfish action. This creates a stagNation. Selflessness is healing oneself, for the Highest Good of the Whole of ALL of the inhabitants of our Universe. This behavior creates a flow, and the power of our inner knowledge, through our connection with our Higher Selves, removes obstacles preventing us, as a whole, to move forward, in building solid and unshakable foundations, that we can ALL Be Proud of and Love. This 5D consciousness is what Builds bridges, that Unite our causes, determinations, and heals our strifes, through our Awareness of Love in the Light. The current events of our Country’s Leadership, is the example. There is an ambiance of peace, restoration, faith, perseverance, and Unity through Love. And Love doesn’t come easy, because it isn’t given or promised. Love is an inner knowing, and discernment of ourselves, which is built through the state of inner Union with our Source Energy, God. So, for a more perfect Union With, not under, God, we are Knowing, that we were all created equally in our freedom to discern and chose the truth, in the enlightenment of our journey, as a whole.

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