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Does Everyone Have a Twin Flame?

We have been becoming aware of the stress and bitterness and chaos, that the twin flame community has been experiencing. The twin flame journey is ONE of the paths to enlightenment. There are many paths that a LightWorker can be waking up to. As workers of the Light, the Ascension Process is meant to raise the consciousness to experience self awareness. Through this process, our Spirit / Higher Self, begins to heal and release perceptions, from lower density social conditioning, that keep you closed off from our true selves and the awareness of unity consciousness. The enlightened, the 'LightWorker', has many names. We are Energy Healers, Reiki Practitioners, Psychics, Mediums, Tarot and Oracle Card Readers, Spiritual and Ascension Coaches, Twin Flames, and so on. A LightWorker, is someone following a calling to help raise the vibration of the Earth, by the healing of the SELF, for the good of the whole, from a higher love and state of being. And this is not an easy task. The inner healing we experience can seem brutal, especially through the dark night of the soul. Everything that we shed lightens energy, allowing us to get back to our SOURCE energy, GOD, SPIRIT, and the UNIVERSE within. Through this awareness, we are in the allowing of Divine guidance, that leads us to our purpose and mission, and to the knowing of why we chose to have this particular human experience. This Awakening causes us to go deep within and discover the self-love, the self-worth that is needed for the type of 'light-worker' that we are called upon to BE. This process is similar for all on this path. This is where we feel so much confusion is happening about the Twin Flame Journey. Twin Flames are Light-Workers that chose to awaken to the calling of being a positive example of embodying the unconditional love of God, the Divine Source Energy. The truth of the calling of this particular Light-Working Path, is in the inner healing. Twin Flames share the Light of our Inner Divinity, and, we come together in physical union experiencing an unconditional, harmonious relationship. In the human experience, the EGO, causes a separation and creates a block that shuts us off from anything that is NOT tangible. This, in turn, creates a separation from our conscious self. Our conscious self is our inner knowing, which is the awareness of our SPIRIT, our SOUL, our spark of DIVINITY. Our social conditioning, through the ego of man, has created and illusion of LOVE, that caters to the ego, For free will. This 3D ego love is manipulation through all sorts of restrictions, limitations and conditions. All of this discord, keeps us far from our inner knowing, and into the shadows of fear, doubt and anger. Taking us even further from the truth of our existence. This darkness keeps us from experiencing and embodying the energy of our creator, which is a collective of unconditional unity love. This is why we are never alone. The shadow energy of the ego will block this awareness with its rules, out of the control of others, for personal gain. Through this separation of the self from GOD / SOURCE energy, we feel alone, and relationships with others are born. These 3D relationships are of codependency, abandonment, self-sabotage, control and manipulation. These are only a few symptoms of the separation in our relationship of our self awareness from our Divine unconditional consciousness. Through an awakening, the shedding of our 3D perceptions, releases us from the bondage of social conditioning and we return to Divine Unconditional Love, by embodying the love for ourselves. Twin Flames come into physical and inner union for the purpose of this demonstration, and this demonstration shares the vibration and frequencies needed to help elevate the conscious awareness of humanity. Twin Flames are only ONE example of a healing modality for the unity consciousness of the planet. The healing experienced of the relationship of our inner selves is why so many going through an awakening, are thinking they are twin flames. As you heal your self-love, you are, through the Universal Law of Attraction, manifesting a physical relationship, that is a vibrational match to your level of self-love and self-worth. This can feel like the bliss that is experienced and demonstrated by the Divine Union of Twin Flames. However, if you are resistant in shedding the ego, for the healing of self-love, you will continue to attract an example of what you are needing to release. This can be a repetitive cycle of karmic relationships and situations. These repetitive cycles make you feel stuck in running from, and chasing after, your needed inner healing, through someone else. The EGO will always look for external guidance because of the disconnection that society has created between our consciousness and our soul. Not everyone is designed for the Twin Flame path, however, the journey back to SOURCE, is felt the same for all on the journey of enlightenment, which is from the love and unity from within. YOUR TRUTH is in your healing. Release and let go of all that no longer serves you, and you will have clarity of your path and your relationship with the Divine in you.

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