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Does my Twin Flame feel our connection???

This is a question that we are asked frequently as twin flames in union. In a twin flame connection there is typically an awakened and an unawakened twin. The awakened twin is typically the twin carrying the Divine Feminine energy, but this is not always the case. We all have both the masculine and feminine energy within us. Although I am usually the masculine energy and Katherine is the feminine energy - we swap roles from time to time.

My perspective on this particular question is somewhat unique. When I was first initiated into the twin flame journey I believed that I was the more awakened twin and my soul catalyst (pre-twin or false twin) was completely unawakened. I was half right at best. I often wondered if the catalyst (who I believed was my twin flame at the time) felt the connection in the same way that I did. I do not believe that he did. So I soon began to focus on myself through healing and spiritual self care knowing that this would draw my twin flame closer to me. My hard work (and my true twin's hard work) truly paid off. As I continued with my twin flame inner work I eventually discovered that I had been spending time with my true twin flame for about a year without even realizing it. I did not experience the instant recognition that other twin flames sometimes talk about. It was my soul catalyst that was blocking the connection with my twin flame. Using the Quantum Chakra Regression technique (book one today to jump start your twin flame journey) that my twin flame developed we discovered that my soul catalyst was corded to my heart chakra and my third eye chakra, preventing me from seeing and feeling the truth of who my twin flame is. It's all part of the journey...

Each twin flame journey is as unique as each twin flame and twin flame couple. Many of the twin flames who are guided to work with us have counterparts that are not yet awakened to the twin flame journey. They may be very enlightened but may not have even heard of the term twin flame. As the awakened twin continues on their path of healing and self-love, their counterpart begins to awaken to the connection as well. For those who are currently with a catalyst or have not yet met their twin flame in this lifetime - healing and self-love will pull this person to you. I did not feel the twin flame connection initially as I was also still learning soul lessons and fulfilling soul contracts. I began to feel the connection with my twin flame more and more as I learned my soul lessons, began to heal my past, cleared and shielded my energy, and began to love all aspects of myself. During this time Katherine surrendered our twin flame journey to the Universe, letting go of all expectations regarding our union and ending a huge karmic cycle. We came into union soon after.... My spiritual awakening and initiation into the twin flame journey took approximately two years. We have been in union for over a year now. After twin flame union the work truly begins!

We believe that one of the most important things to remember about your twin flame journey is that it is YOUR twin flame journey. We are ALL unique and beautiful SOULS - and we are all different. Your twin flame journey has been custom made exclusively for you and your twin flame. We should never try to fit a square peg into a round hole. Another key to navigating the twin flame journey lies in developing your own discernment, intuition, talents and abilities. What those in the 3D refer to as 'psychic', is innate in us all! For some it is just more developed than others. Prior to my spiritual awakening I had no idea that I had psychic abilities because I had so many blocks due to false programming, negative thinking, etc . As I developed (remembered) my abilities I realized that the answers to my questions had always been within me and through my connection with Spirit. You should never feel 'stuck' on your twin flame path. There is always a way forward. If you are feeling stuck and need guidance book a session with us today!

Tonya and Katherine

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