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False Lights and False Spiritualism - What it is and how to recognize it.

There is a lot of information out there on spiritualism, energy healing, twin flames, etc. So, How do you know what and who to believe? What one chooses to believe (what resonates with you) should always be up to you the individual. Some misinformation may be a result of us all being at different stages in our spiritual development. So, in many cases it is not actual misinformation but one's own perspective as seen from their particular stage of enlightenment. We are all continuously pushed to rise higher and higher in our ascension. There are, however, some out there with more sinister and self serving motives behind their theories and teachings. So, we must all learn to develop our own individual intuition and discernment (the ability to distinguish between spirits or energies) to guide us along our path. It's like using good judgement on steroids! There is always contrast and there is always balance. But, it is sometimes difficult to tell who is of the light and who is of the dark. The dark is very skilled (and manipulative) at disguising itself as the light. But there are typically some huge red flags around those operating in the dark rather than the light. (Ego vs. Unconditionality) The purpose of this blog is to help distinguish between the characteristics of a light worker vs. a dark worker.

These red flags of darkness may be subtle or quite obvious depending on the situation.

  1. The group leader / founder believe (or want you to believe) that they are always right and will NEVER entertain any opposing viewpoints.

  2. They are PREDATORS! They swoop in and take advantage of people when they are the most vulnerable. We are all vulnerable when going through the dark night of the soul and begin our spiritual awakening. We are like newborn babies desperate for guidance.

  3. They seek to isolate members / followers from their family, friends and co-workers. As we awaken, people, places and things which are no longer for our highest good will begin to fall away. However, who and what is no longer for our highest good is ultimately up to the individual to determine through spiritual guidance and our own intuition. NOBODY has the right to force something or someone out of your life.

  4. They will ask you to follow a strict set of guidelines that are way beyond what is commonly accepted by similar groups. You are not allowed to follow or explore any other groups, modalities or teachings.

  5. The false light (false prophet) may resort to fear, harassment, coercion, blackmail or intimidation to attempt to keep people in line. They may even convince others in the group to work for their own financial gain with little or no compensation.

  6. Those who choose to break away from the group may be ostracized, humiliated or belittled in an attempt to make them look like the bad guy rather than the victim. Former members often have the same stories of abuse and harassment.

Spiritual leaders and true lights seek to build you up...not tear you down and destroy you. If you are experiencing any of the above red flags please be mindful and be careful!!! A person or group with this type of energy is toxic and harmful. There are many TRUE lights out there to collaborate and align yourself with.

Now we would like to discuss some of the signs of a true light worker, group or leader.

  1. Transparency - what you see is what you get. A true light will answer any and all questions to the best of their ability - without being judgemental. A true light does not have the need or desire to hide anything!

  2. Finances - True lights will charge a reasonable fee for their services if they offer them. A proper energy exchange is important for all parties involved, however, if the amount is excessive then services may be unobtainable to those who need it the most. Being a light worker is about being of service to others....not service to self.

  3. There will always be those in a group that will become disgruntled for one reason or another. It is their path - release them with peace, love, light and wish them well on their journey. Like my twin flame always likes to takes a village. If we can not help you, we will find someone who can.

  4. Encourages healthy relationships amongst group members and their respective friends and families.

  5. We are ALL teachers and students of each other. Independent thinking is encouraged and celebrated. A true light recognizes that no one in a group is any more or less important than another.

  6. A true light will admit mistakes openly and recognize that there is not ONE truth but many sources of knowledge (many truths). We ALL contain within us an important piece of the human collective consciousness puzzle.

If you would like a personal spirit session check out our services page for more information!

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