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FLUORITE - Celebrate your natural beauty and authenticity!!!

Be yourself, as God made you naturally attractive and lovable, inside and out.

False and outdated social systems, work systems, relationship systems, etc., attempt to force us to conform to what they deem 'acceptable' and even 'desirable'. Attempting to conform to what others expect can easily cause us to completely lose ourselves in the process. Trying to please others and gain their approval strips us of our natural beauty and conceals our authenticity behind lies and self-deception. This snuffs our divine light and stifles our creativity. It makes us nothing more than a robot controlled by the 3D matrix. As we detach and release ourselves from the expectations of others, we can finally embrace our true essence, enabling us to love and appreciate ourselves and our own unique path. We are then able to heal others through our divine light within, our natural beauty and authenticity. Live and speak your truth Light Warriors! We all have very unique gifts and talents that the world is in desperate need of right now. We are meant to inspire and heal others in unique and beautiful ways.

Fluorite can be found in a variety of beautiful colors including green, blue, purple and rainbow. Fluorite has many beneficial metaphysical properties including grounding, protection, increasing intuitive and psychic abilities and it clears away negative energies. It is a great crystal to use in your healing practices.

Illustration - Crystal Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

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