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Manifestation - The Law of Attraction

Manifestation is all about being in alignment. In order to manifest that which we desire, we must be in vibrational alignment with it. Your power in manifesting the life of your dreams is in remembering what you chose to experience in this lifetime. Abraham Hicks

refers to this as your vortex or vibrational escrow. So, everything we desire is available to us when we can match the vibration of it. This is why we are successful in manifesting. We are remembering something that is already there and available to us. We are not waiting for the Universe to send us what we are asking for, the Universe is waiting for us to get into vibrational alignment with that which we seek. You can not manifest what you desire from a lack mentality. You can, however, manifest what you do not want from lack....which is more lack! We manifest abundance when we have an abundance mindset just like we manifest lack from a mindset of lack. It really is that simple. Buddha says what you think you become, what you feel you attract and what you imagine, you create. Our ability to manifest is limited only by our imaginations. There are no limits. The Law of Attraction is Universal, it applies to everyone without prejudice. We are here during this time to remember that we are co-creators. We co-create our realities along with the Universe. The knowledge that we can change our reality by changing our perception is our super power. The Universe is limitless, there is more than enough abundance for us all.

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