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The Five Stages of Twin Flame Union / Reunion - Interview with an Awakened Divine Masculine

In this video Katherine and Tonya speak with Awakened Divine Masculine Adam Namaste. He speaks about five stages of twin flame union and tells the story of his twin flame journey. Here is a brief overview and description of the five stages of Twin Flame Union.

  1. Twin Flame Initiation - The Dark Night of the Soul - For many twin flames the initiation begins with a karmic soul catalyst. Some may identify this as a false twin or pre-twin.

  2. Twin Flame Recognition - the initial meeting

  3. Separation - the work begins! In this stage the twins are separated until they complete the necessary shadow work and soul growth to sustain twin flame union. We have to be in vibrational alignment for twin flame union. When twin flames come together then separate, it is because additional work needs to be done. Separation is a gift although it sometimes feels like a curse.

  4. Surrender and Detachment - This is the final lesson to manifest twin flame union, and many times the hardest. In this stage you must release all expectations of how, when (and sometimes with whom) your twin flame union happens.

  5. DIVINE UNION - the work continues! At this stage a majority of the healing and soul work has been done. You are ready to begin your mission together!

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Peace, Love and Light,

Katherine and Tonya

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