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beautiful full moon

The Energy, of the Strawberry Full Moon, is upon us. Not to mention the Summer Solstice!

The Strawberry Moon, represents abundance. The phase of the full moon is the completion of a cycle, and the beginning of a new path. This enchanting moon phase, sheds light on all that you have achieved, through shedding the darkness.

Manifestation happens, when you have shifted your awareness into a higher consciousness.

A healed, balanced, and grounded perspective, allows your conscious energy to attract, to you, what you've been wanting.

The Summer Solstice, is a fruitful time to ground into the Earth's element of the new.

The Earth's life force will always find a way, to flourish into reality.

Combined, the Strawberry Full Moon & Summer Solstice, intensifies the energy of self-discovery.

Adopt a daily routine of grounding, through meditation, as you dive into your personal transformation.

Channeled message from AUHLTA, an integrated, higher-self light being, from the galactic council, of Atlas.

Atlas is a planet of the Pleiades constellation.

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