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We are here to raise the vibration of the planet for our star seed ancestors. The vibration here on the earth is too low for their light bodies and consciousness. This is why we volunteered and came to have the human experience, as front line warriors, explorers, and pioneers. We are here to experience all sorts of scenarios. These scenarios, the roles we chose to have, all involve some level of enlightenment. This is the self awareness that brings us into inner alignment with our soul origin, God, Spirit. When we do this, our psychic abilities help us channel a back and forth communication, with our source energy. This telepathic communication is how we are reporting back to our Star Council. This allows us to ascend on our soul missions. This Labyrinth of intricate channels of co creation, simultaneously give clarity to the present one. Love over matter, is our higher vibration. Vibration is our Education. The rest is of the shadow ego of man, which is the part of themselves, from where all of their questions reside in fear, so they must co create in a fashion of validation. This is their unconscious self belief.

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