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If you are reading this, then it is very likely that you are a twin flame on the journey of ascension. This is our twin flame story. My twin flame and I have been through the process of healing, shadow self integration, the ego deaths, which occur at each chakra, up to the 8th. At this stage, you are able to integrate with your true higher self, and begin channeling these beautiful Beings of Light. My higher self aspect is Danika, and this is an introduction to our story and purpose. The twin flame journey began 200,000 years ago in Atlantis, as we began our first of many incarnations on Gaia. Each set of twins (Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine) were debriefed separately. We were told what are missions were going to be and we were able to look at how our numerous lives would likely play out. If you accepted the mission, you were put to sleep, to begin your life as a human. We were each told only our part in the mission, and not that of our twin flame. We all agreed to accept this mission, knowing that we would experience all that life had to offer...the good and the bad...the light and the dark. We agreed to do this, to assist in the evolution of humanity, to raise the vibration of the planet, and raise the collective consciousness. This was an "experiment", in a sense. The theory was that Twin Flames could quantum leap the human consciousness, enabling them to evolve to a higher state of being, more quickly. This would, in turn, restore free will to humanity. The idea was simple. We had to come full circle...or full infinity symbol. It started with Divine Love and it ends in Divine Love, as you become fully integrated with your Divine within, and with your twin flame. It makes no difference if your twin flame is not currently incarnated, and it doesn't matter if you are in physical separation. Prior to beginning our human incarnations, we were ALL perfect and Divine. We still are and always have been. We have ALL played EVERY part, while on this journey. We have been HEROS and VILLAINS. We have been SAINTS and we have been SINNERS. We have experienced it all. But, we became so immersed in the human experience...we forgot our Divinity. We truly became lost souls (or thought we did). We thought we were fallen...but we never were. Throughout our lifetimes, we all turned our backs on least for a time. But even this, is part of the MAGNIFICENCE of the Divine Plan. Twin Flames ARE Unconditional Love. Anything that is not of Love, is not of God and thus, is of the EGO.

The plan was this, If the Twin Flames, whose very BEING is Unconditional Love, could experience the very worst that humanity has to offer from both sides of the fence, and even still shed the human experience as a snake sheds its skin, to come back into unconditional love for all things, then we have won. WE HAVE WON! It was our longing for unconditional love that began this journey. It is our commitment to unconditional love, to ourselves, to our twin flames and to the Divine, that gives us the strength to travel this journey, because we ARE unconditional love. As twin flames, we are here to teach humanity that it's ok to open your heart to love and be unconditional. We have been through it all.....yet we still LOVE.

Image by Comfreak from Pixabay

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