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Channeled by Katherine Lopez

Hello Light Workers, Star Family. This is AUHLTA of Atlantis. Thank you for sharing your Divine Timing with us. Today we will discuss your Twin Flame energy update. Your energy update is: Do your healing work and you’ll BE in the Knowing too. Yes you.... the one reading or hearing this today. Not all of you are on the Twin Flame path, this time around. This doesn’t mean you escape awakening, because you don’t. Your human linear thinking, has made you lazy. This is why We, your star family, are helping wake you up. Because this task is too great, and your Higher Self already volunteered you, to be on the front line. Now, explore and research. This IS the true energy update, for you to be triggered by. Triggering messages, carry light code. The light code helping you to turn on the switch, to the cosmic information highway. The information that you are receiving and downloading, is what is guiding you to the answers you seek. You are feeling these downloads, and crying over them, or taking them out on someone you love. Your frustration is that, your spirit, your direct channel to the Divine, is pushing you to align. Alignment within, is where you are personally “knowing”, how grand and how important, your TRUE purpose is. And, your purpose is NOT, feeling sorry for yourself, because another soul that is also in the dark, can’t find you, or give you the love and attention, that you feel you deserve because they are your person? This is how the darkness, the void, traps you. Your confusion of, “why” your Divine Flame cannot see this, IS only half of YOUR story. And, it is just that, YOUR story. Your Divine Counterpart, cannot SEE their script, or have the ”Knowing” to enter stage left, because YOU haven’t finished writing the story! YOU are the hold up to your union. The script, for the roles you are both playing out in this human experience, is known and is awakened. When you decide to, stop giving in to the shadows of lower 3D density and come back home, to align to your soul source energy, is when you’ll remember your role. You’ll innately remember, the reason you chose, to bring your Wonder Twin powers together. Which IS to activate, this same knowing in others. This activation happens when you allow your past, to be your history, your NOW past life. It all happened for you, and NO longer to you. Yes.

Did you feel that? There has been a shift.

Those of you reading this transmission, are beginning to see what you are innately knowing. Those of you hearing this transmission, are awakened and can feel the resonance. Because you are knowing that, you are receiving light code, the key, to open another door, for your ascension.

Peace and Love to you all.

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