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What is your Twin Flame Mission?

As a Twin Flame you probably already know that there is a great purpose and mission during this incarnation on Earth. Sometimes it's not so easy to determine what that mission is. As a twin flame collective we all share a common mission, then as we advance along our path our specific mission is revealed to us. But first let's discuss the common mission. Twin Flames are here as mentors, guides and pioneers during this very challenging transition into the New Earth. As Twin Flames we are here to tear down old paradigms. Relationship and work systems that have never worked and have only stifled us in the past must be discarded so that a new paradigm can take its' place. This is accomplished through our own self healing, self love, forgiveness and the ability to love ourselves and others unconditionally. Loving unconditionally does not mean allowing someone to treat you in any way that you don't deserve to be treated, including your Twin Flame. When we can love ourselves completely and unconditionally we can transcend all negative attachments and karmic patterns. As we heal and love ourselves (yes even our perceived negative aspects) boundaries in our romantic relationships, work relationships, familial relationships, etc are automatically put into place which allows us to transcend the 3D and operate on a 5D level. In doing this we are a positive example to all those around us. As we heal and embody the Christ Consciousness we raise our vibration which in turn raises the vibration of the planet as well as the collective. As Twin Flames just starting the journey, we tend to focus on Union with our TF. Separation is painful, healing is painful and karmic relationships are painful. We have to experience these things in order to transcend these things. Your Union will come if you are willing to walk this path. This Twin Flame journey is one of ascension and this IS your mission. Focus on your mission and your Union will materialize in the physical. If you are stuck on your journey book an appointment with us today. We use our abilities and our experience to break through blocks and quantum leap you on your journey.

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