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What are Galactic Portal Activation Days?

During galactic activation portal days, the veil between dimensions (worlds) is thinner, which gives us the ability to channel guidance from God / source energy / Spirit and through our past (parallel) lives. During these galactic portal activation days, time feels like it is speeding up. We, the conscious collective, are going through quantum leaps (jumping timelines). The higher frequencies of these portal days, push us to dissolve karmic relationships, karmic jobs and all other karmic situations that no longer serve a purpose on our paths of self-healing. When we are releasing what no longer serves us, we are letting go of the old 3D (ego) false paradigms.

The higher vibrations of portal activation days help us purge the lower frequencies that have blocked us from being awakened and conscious to our true paths and divine life purpose, which is to be the Light Beings we have always been and were always meant to be. We are all experiencing some sort of shift out of the old 3D false programming. The 3D false programming seeks to keep us in the dark and attempts to dim or snuff out our inner light. In the 3D, we are being controlled by the 'dead end' fear of social conditioning through religious, educational and work systems. These 3D systems stifle our personal and spiritual growth, which imprisons us as 'followers'. This prevents us from being the leaders of our own individual life, purpose and path.

The intense energy shifts of Galactic portal activation days, cause us all to experience amplified ascension symptoms as well. Until these intense energies are anchored in to reality, we can feel physically exhausted and drained, lethargic and various aches and pains. You may also experience an array of digestive symptoms at this time. This is a sign that you are purging energetic blocks from your lower chakras, thus activating them. This will open up your energetic flow that grounds your light body into this reality. This is necessary for your healing and for your enlightenment, of your unique spiritual journey of ascension.

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