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Hello, Keepers of the Light, Star Seeds. Thank you for sharing your Divine Timing with us.

How do you know what light code is being received?

You know by how and where your energy is. Through music, or whatever. Because everything is alive through a vibration. The frequency is knowledge. Because this is the back and forth telecommunications with our Source energy.

More and more of our Star Seed origins and primordial experiences, will be discovered. This unveiling of knowledge, cannot be comprehended by the trappings of the 3D consciousness. This is because the 3D consciousness focuses on what is tangible. In other words, nothing is “real” or exists unless the human brain can “feel it” through words.

We, your Soul ancestors, are beings of few words. We are all a light source energy. We are of frequency. The density of the 3D avatar, cannot register the light code of our true form. This is why we have inter- seeded your light body, your soul, with ascension activation codes. These codes, unlock the keys, to your interception of knowledge.

YOU ARE the Akashic Records.

Each one of your light bodies and avatars, carries the building blocks of evolution. These codes are your DNA strands. They cannot be seen by human eyes, unless the frequency of the human has been activated. This means that there needs to be an integrated mind, body, and soul, to KNOW the codes are there.

Your soul is an inter and outer dimensional being. And your soul, your true form, has a name, other than higher self.

Who are you?

Yes. Did you feel that? There has been a shift.

On earth, you are simply playing a role of expression, for the stellar activation of the lower dimensions. The resistance of humanity to evolve, is the fear of the loss of control. This sense of control is only an illusion. It is a concept of the shadow ego mind. It’s actually an illusion of being disconnected from the collective of the souls knowledge of light.

The human body, was made to incase the light body. But the human ego, took this knowledge, as a sense of being alone, being separate. This sensation is what caused the human mind to find an explanation. This sense of separation, created even more divisions, through religion and patterns of beliefs. When religions couldn’t satisfy this separation, WE again, inter- seeded, and brought the attention of the human curiosity, to look for these answers in the sky. Science was born.

AUHLTA channeled by Katherine P. Lopez

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