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The Sacral Chakra (Svadisthana) - What it is and how to know when it is out of balance

The word 'chakra' literally means 'wheel' or vortex in Sanskrit. Chakras are the energy centers in our bodies. Although we have hundreds, there are seven main chakras that we need to maintain at a healthy level.

Energetically, the chakras correspond to the glands of the endocrine system. Being out of balance energetically, can lead to physical, emotional and mental imbalances. The endocrine system is a collection of glands that are responsible for the production of hormones that regulate systems such as metabolism, sexual function and reproduction. Hormonal and energetic imbalances can even affect your mood. When our chakras are healthy and balanced, it enables the endocrine system to more effectively do its job, and also allows us to easily have a happy and healthy mind, body and spirit.

When clearing and balancing the chakras, it is best to start with the lower chakras and work your way to the upper chakras. The second chakra is the sacral chakra or the Svadisthana. It is located just below the navel around the upper part of the sacrum. It is represented by the color orange.

The sacral chakra is associated with creativity, relationships and sexuality. It is through the sacral chakra that we give birth to creative projects, relationships and new souls into our world. Physically it is associated with the adrenal glands which are located just above the kidneys.

When your sacral chakra is blocked or out of balance you may have walls built up as a line of defense and protection. These defenses are put into place in an attempt to avoid what we are truly feeling. This is a self-imposed prison that traps us and denies us meaningful relationships. When we are making love to our partner the kundalini energy which lies within the base (root) chakra is meant to rise into our higher chakras. When the sacral chakra is blocked the kundalini energy is unable to rise past this point, denying us what should be a truly blissful experience with our partner. This can lead to great frustration as we are not able to experience lasting fulfillment on a soul level in addition to a physical level. This can cause some to seek out different partners in order to find this blissful connection. Addictions of all kinds are associated with an imbalanced sacral chakra as we are constantly attempting to seek solutions from outside of ourselves rather than looking within for the answers. Healing the sacral chakra will allow the kundalini energy to flow naturally enabling us to experience true intimacy with another.

When we are unaware of the energies of the sacral chakra, we can unknowingly add fuel to the fires of control, jealousy, anger and the inability to receive love. Through awareness comes power and the ability to achieve true intimacy with another person, both physically and on a soul level. This type of loving union is unconditional. As we heal our sacral chakra we have the ability to love ourselves unconditionally (self-love) and release our perceived need to build defensive walls. This opens up the natural flow of giving and receiving love.

Here is a list of ways you can heal and balance the sacral chakra.

  1. Reiki - you can have a session with a Reiki practitioner or you can administer Reiki to yourself. Reiki is life force energy and is available to us all.

  2. Affirmations - you can listen to sacral chakra affirmations as you go about your day.There are many sacral chakra affirmations videos available on YouTube.

  3. Chakra meditations - There are also many excellent chakra meditations available on YouTube.

  4. Dance, sing, paint or engage in any activity where you can express your creativity and experience joy.

  5. Practice Yoga or Tai Chi - There are specific poses that work well for clearing and balancing the sacral chakra (as well as the other chakras).

  6. Crystals such as yellow topaz, orange calcite, carnelian and moonstone help to activate and clear the sacral chakra.

  7. Sound and vibrational healing. You can listen to a video (headphones are best) or use a crystal singing bowl tuned to the frequency of the sacral chakra.

  8. The sacral chakra can benefit from the use of essential oils such as sandalwood, jasmine and rose oil.

NOTE: If you use crystals in your chakra work, remember to cleanse and recharge them after each use. Place your crystals in the light of the full moon or place them next to a piece of selenite.

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