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Updated: Nov 28, 2023

person meditating tree of light

What is my Life Purpose?

If you are asking this question, you are on an enlightened journey.

Discovering a Life Purpose, is where most of you become stuck. Your initiation into the journey, came from triggers, for your self-awareness. These triggers or life experiences, teach you, what you do & don't want in your life.

All of which, are attracted to you, for your life purpose.

So, I'll ask you this way, "What are your Passions?". I ask this, because your passion is the driving force, behind your actions. Your passions shape the manifesting energy of your life path and purpose.

Enlightenment takes you to the centered and grounded, objective energy, that helps you get there. And there, is the place within, where you are happy in the manifestations that you have created, through your calling. Your calling is

the path, that your healing awakening has lead you to.

Your human path/calling is to manifest what you feel, from the guidance of your conscious self.

Your desires, what you attract, all of it. This is your path.

Meaning, whatever you have awakened to be, is your desired manifested path.

Know that, all that you have been, and all that you will become, happens from your inner guidance wisdom. You came into this human experience, already knowing the shifts of consciousness, that are meant to be. Not to be what your social conditioning tells you.

You are in this human experience, as a part of a cosmic collective unity consciousness. You are here, in purpose, to assist the evolution of humanity.

This is the purpose of enlightenment.



Katherine channels Auhlta, who is an integrated, higher-self light being from the Galactic Council of Atlas. Atlas is a planet in the Pleaides Constellation.

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girl meditating under tree

Channeled by Katherine Lopez

A spiritual awakening is a breakthrough in consciousness.

You can experience many. It’s a healing experience. A new level of awareness. An ego death.

The abundance that comes with releasing the past and the matrix mind control. As you are releasing all that no longer serves you, people, places and things, you will go through a series of rites of passage. This is because you’re breaking through a barrier phase.

Your perspective of existence comes from a new view of love.

Or whatever love means to you.

The graduation of a connection.

The first stage of an awakening is about being triggered. A drastic event or change in your life, that make you question your faith. And brings depression. It makes you question your faith, and purpose. It rocks your world and breaks your heart.

You will feel abandoned, and unloved. It will trigger you into fits of rage, anger, despair, and disappointment.


Will be the confusion for a long while. You will question humanity, you will look for other directions of faith, religion or hurt your body with other things like drugs, and alcohol. You will feel a total disregard for yourself. You are disconnected from yourself and the world around you.

People around you WILL notice, they will see your indifferent behavior. And then they become your trigger. Which leads you into a period of isolation. A shelter in place.

After a bit, you will have had enough and slowly emerge back into the scene. This takes you into a recovery mode, which is the next stage.

Second stage, you are still in the hermit phase. We also call this the shelter in place phase. During this time, unbeknownst to you, you are raising your vibration. Just by doing the research of why you are feeling the way you are. And why things happened to begin with.

This is called self-awareness. Being self-aware allows you to see and notice the symptoms and synchronization of the life altering events.

Thirdly, Feeling the magic phase. This is when you are finally able to describe, and understand, and express what you are going through. This is when you are thirsty for the healing modalities that keep you grounded and feeling good. You will also, meditate and feel the euphoria of the connection to your consciousness or of other light beings.

This helps you feel that you are more than just a human on this earth. In this phase, you are discovering your life purpose.

You dive into it, then experience that it’s not paying the bills, and then you are back to the first and second stage.

Where did you go wrong?

This becomes yet another catalyst question.

The fourth stage is trying to integrate it all.

Because you are feeling your inner truth. Because you’ve experienced the euphoria, it has to be real. You begin to question your existence and the connection to all that is.

There has to be something more, than to just be slapped in the face, again, with this 3D life. Most of you become stuck in this phase, the longest.

This is when in your anger and frustration, you begin to let go of all sorts of situations, and ancestral baggage, and get new jobs or get new friends, pick up a hobby, move or change jobs.

These are all the things needing to be released for healing.

All the while, not knowing, you are right on track with your spiritual journey. The fifth stage is finally feeling the passion of your life purpose. This is when you finally decide to get out of your way and go with the flow.

You begin to realize that all of your perceived problems were, symptoms of resistance. Which means finding out that, the 3D concept of instant gratification, is a false control.

In this phase of acceptance, you experience that manifesting is a magnetism of your energy.

Your life purpose is your purpose, is your purpose. That cannot be taken from you.

You will continue to heal, because there will always be a trigger for it. Why? Because of the acceptance of being in a human experience.

This experience is about sharing this awakening phase. It pays it forward, for the next light worker. This is being a pioneer of unity consciousness.

Believing in yourself, in your intuition and in your soul, will always bring you joy, balance, love, and peace.

Are you feeling confused on your spiritual journey?

Do you need guidance on what to do next?

To schedule a one-on-one Spirit Session, click below!

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The Light Movement - Escape the Matrix by Alignment.

This is the answer to everything that is bothering you. There is so much contrast in our world today, to prove this.

When you are in alignment, you are staying in your lane.

When you are in alignment, you are being objective and fair.

When you are in alignment, you are focusing on yourself.

When you are in alignment, you are able to see the bigger picture.

When you are in alignment, you are able to love yourself, for all of the blood sweat and tears, that you've had to endure.

When you are in alignment, you are a bridge for unity Consciousness.

This is all that matters. Because alignment means that you are awakened to the God within.

How aligned are you?

Are you doing your part in assisting, the healing of the human condition?

Close your eyes and take a few slow, cleansing breaths.

Then ask yourself those questions.

What you feel is your answer and guidance, for fulfilling those questions.

When in divine alignment, you are able to operate outside the false 3D matrix.

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