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The Importance of Grounding

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The importance of grounding.

During enlightenment, you are awakening to the illusions of social conditioning.

During this period of awakening, your perception shifts from a controlled 3rd density, to the truths of your origin, which are of the 5th density.

From here, you realize, resonate, and heal in the 5th density, to come back to the 3rd density. Why?

Because, you have a human avatar.

Your avatar is a physical body within your soul/energy field. Your avatar holds your souls energetic centers, called chakras. Your human body was created in the image of your, Pleadian “Angelic”

Galactic ancestors.

Now, back to the question, “Why do you come back to a 3D human perspective, after reaching the 5th density perception?”.

Because of your awakening purpose. Which is to hold the light, for others to find their way out of the darkness, like you.

Grounding and being centered, assists your objectivity. This is crucial in maintaining your balance of both worlds, 3rd & 5th densities. Your middle ground in the 4th, helps you be in the present, while living out your current human experience.

Grounding brings balance. Balance and objectivity are crucial, for keeping your focus, through the controlled societies, of the 3rd density matrix.

If you cannot stay focused, then you begin to fall back into the matrix manipulation. You’ll know if this is happening, by the resistance in the experiences you are having.

Channeled message from AUHLTA, an integrated, higher-self light being, from the Galactic Council, of Atlas.

Atlas is a planet of the Pleiades constellation.

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