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Bodily Transitions

This is a month of Transitions for Balance and Forward Momentum.

Why Bodily Transitions?

April begins through the fiery energy of Aries and ends with the grounded energy of Taurus.

Current events and worldly affairs, do affect your Mind, Body & Spirit. Whatever healing of self-love, that happened in March, is now being used. You might have your plans, all drawn up in your mind, but moving forward with them, aren't matching up to your energy.

Your Energy Field or Aura Action, moves through your physical body. This is the outward expression, that links your ideas into a manifested reality.

Therefore, if your physical body isn't in shape, to hold all of the light frequencies of forward momentum, you'll feel stuck. Your human avatar, is in your energy field (soul), anchoring your energy centers, called Chakras. These energy centers are levels of consciousness. If these levels are blocked, the flow of manifestation stops, and stagnation begins. Unhealed emotional wounds, physical pain trauma, and obesity, trigger symptoms of depression and anxiety. These are symptoms of energy blocks.

When you are loving yourself and having compassion for yourself, the transitions, to a healthier life begins. A healthy Life means having balance in your physical body, for the balance of your mind & soul. Just realizing this relationship, between you, you, and you, will be transformational. You will feel good enough to move forward, with the confidence of feeling better. If it feels good, move forward. If it doesn't, then don't. The enlightenment path is one of self-awareness, for accountability. It is a solo journey.

What do you want to manifest in your life?

Who do you want to be?

It's up to where your healing guidance takes you. Have faith and trust your intuitive intentions. This guidance is from your Soul.

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