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Happy New Year

Updated: Feb 1


Happy New Year!!!

This is the year of the life path number 8.

This is a life path number of abundance, wealth, happiness, harmony, love and most importantly alignment.

Alignment means having balance.

The life path number 8, is also a leader.

will bring along with it, those of the life path numbers of 2 & 4. The number 8 is also a message of influence and Infinity. The influence of the number 8, is being a guide for success and growth.

Those that are of the life path numbers of 2 & 4, will be supported by the universe, in their personal healing and spiritual journeys.

They will be guided to the paths, that bring opportunity. The opportunities coming will allow them to have the financial support and freedom, needed for their self-care, through the dark nights of the soul. The dark nights of the soul can strip you down to nothing.

This is when a forced surrender, needed to happen, for their awakening.

The social conditioning of your environments, keep you trapped in an illusion of control. If you can taste it, hear it, smell it, see it, touch it, it’s real and exists.

These are the trappings of the 3rd Density Agenda.

Self-care, spiritually and physically, assist the energetic body, to fight off the darkness.

This is the support, that’s coming for those of the 2nd & 4th life path cycles. Doors of opportunity will open, for allowing the flow of manifestations.

The life path number of 8, is also of creative importance. Your creativity is your freedom of expression. These expressions are the tools, that you create, for attracting your abundance. The number 8 is self-sufficient.

So, therefore those of this life path number, will experience the success and happiness of being prosperous. This personal healing will seal the infinite flow of happiness, through the balance and alignment, created by the guidance and wisdom of an aligned communication between your mind, body, and soul.

Happy New Life, number 8.

Channeled message from AUHLTA, an integrated, higher-self light being, from the galactic council, of Atlas.

Atlas is a planet of the Pleiades constellation.

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