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These questions will always be tested, argued and explored. This is the evolution of our consciousness. This process is enlightenment. This exploration is a premeditated awakening. There is a purpose, grander that we will ever know in one human experience.


Every lifetime, every human experience, is a journey of seed planting. The seeds, your eternal ethereal knowledge, is what shape the direction of, evolving from our subconscious mind, to our soul's consciousness. Time over time, the enlightenment downloads we receive, are triggers and codes that awaken our crystalline DNA. Our crystalline DNA are the blueprints of life force, chi, soul...our energy light imprint. The crystalline DNA that we awaken...will stay awakened lifetime to lifetime.


Our light bodies, which is our true form, are composed of energy, frequencies and vibrations. Whichever they are, they mold our level of consciousness for the next lifetime. This is how and why the human experience becomes more and more evolved, for our survival and the conditions of the planet. Our light consciousness makes each one of us, a seed of the expansion, needed for the betterment of humanity. Coming together in a Unity Consciousness, speeds up this process.

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