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New Life Resolutions 2024


Image is usually the first thing, that we are wanting to change and work on.

So, the local gym will become packed, with those fellow seekers.

Then it’s the hair salons.

Immediate satisfaction is what we are wanting.

Because of the lack of patience,

these ventures don’t last long. They become short lived, because you are limiting yourself to social beliefs.

These beliefs separate you from, your true inner self.

The controlling aspect of 3rd density beliefs, make you believe that everything you need is external to your true nature.

Which is completely false. Hence, the illusion of control.

You are a star seed, with an all-knowing consciousness.

Your physical body is IN your energy body (your soul), not the other way around.

Once you are able to allow, acknowledge, and accept your true self, old patterns of controlling beliefs, begin to drop off.

Along with, weight gain, drinking, smoking, or whatever you feel is a tool, for keeping you from a healthy New You.

The tools of self-sabotage, that are taught through your fear-based conditioning, says that you are not successful unless you look, talk, work, and suffer, according to their standards.

As a Multidimensional Light Being, your Soul is who you are. Not the controlling environments that you are made to believe.

This New Year, make getting to know your true self, your Resolution. To, once and for all, heal your- self from within, and witness the transformation of Loving Yourself.

This is how every goal you make, for yourselves, happen and last a lifetime.

Channeled message from AUHLTA, an integrated, higher-self light being, from the galactic council, of Atlas.

Atlas is a planet of the Pleiades constellation.

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