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full moon and flower

Super Flower Full Moon Meditation

Join us on the beach for a Crystal Bowl Sound Bath & Guided Meditation. These are healing techniques that assist you in releasing, what no longer serves your higher good.

The full moon in Scorpio, helps you stay grounded through the transition of manifested timelines. The lunar eclipse gives you the freedom for your awakening journey.

Bring your beach chair, yoga chair, or whatever is comfortable, to our healing beach event.

DONATIONS are appreciated as an energy exchange.

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Updated: Jul 10, 2023

space and planet - The Light Movement

THE LIGHT MOVEMENT - Releasing Resistance for the manifestation of your dreams!

Resistance is about feelings.

This is a trick in knowing what you are needing to heal.

Whatever you are "Feeling", is the resistant "emotion", that you are needing to release for healing.

Your Soul, your Higher-Self, which make up your Authentic Self, is always in a Happiness Flow. Any emotion that you are feeling, triggering you away from being Happy, shuts off your Authentic Flow.

The flow of Feeling Good, is where blessings, miracles, manifestations, and everything good come from.

You've got to be "feeling", what it is that you are wanting, to manifest it.


Want to be Abundant? Feel that you already are.

Having Balance is having Gratitude for everything, already in your environment.

GRATITUDE ATTITUDE is the Happiness flow, of the Universal Law of Attraction. This the relationship, of the co-creation of your universe. Always be mindful of your actions. Because, your emotions are the driving force. So, what emotional baggage are you carrying around?

RELEASE IT. Because, you will co-create Karmic Entanglement, which is Stagnate. Instead of, co-creating Quantum Entanglement, which is the cosmic flow of the multi-verse.

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Enlightenment is Alignment.


By taking responsibility for your life.

When you take responsibility, you are being accountable for your actions. This is the most Honest healing, that you can have. This is self-awareness at its finest achievement.

Releasing What you Think, for What you Know, IS the path.


What you Think, is your conditioned belief. It's how your environment taught you to be.

What you are Knowing, is your responses from your inner self, which is your Soul. This makes you Authentic.

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