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Hello light workers and Star seeds. I am AUHLTA of ATLANTIS. Thank you for sharing your divine timing with us.

Today, you are seeing with your soul eye. This vision, isn’t new at all. You are looking through, what your soul source ancestors envisioned, for the role of this planet. This vision is of unconditional love, bliss, abundance, and the beauty way, for you and our evolving Star seed family.

The calibration of our collective light grid, IS what your mission and Journey is all about. YOU are the way showers: How to Grow Unconditionally on a 3D planet. How? By loving yourself.

Yes. Did you feel that? There has been a shift.

It doesn’t take much, just your awareness. Awareness is Awakening to knowledge. This knowing is your passion, for your inner truth. And you did it! Our collective consciousness has brought a healing peace. A peace that says, All is possible now. Heaven on this Beautiful Earth is here. It always has been. You just needed to feel it, within yourself. This feeling is your Soul Source Connection to GOD, to Spirit, to US, Your Star Seed Ancestors. Continue to acknowledge your lineage of Light. You ARE the frequencies that co-creates this Paradise we call Earth.

Sending Much Peace & Light.


Channeled by Katherine Lopez

Image by Daniel Hannah from Pixabay

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Hello Light Workers, Star Family. Thank you for sharing your Divine Timing with us.

Fear does not exist, until your social conditioning puts it there. So, with this being said, go back to the beginning, To your beginning. To know your beginning, is to know why you exist. The I AM.

Throughout linear time, there have been many thinkers looking for this answer. Aristotle, Plato, Socrates. Thinkers, cannot “think” past the veil, because they cannot see it or prove it, within logic. The I AM, is an innate knowing. Open your heart to Self-Love, and you will know it. When you do, you will quantumly transcend your human experience, into the passion of your life purpose.

This passion, this life force, is felt through your authenticity, your truth. The human mind, cannot comprehend the lineage of your soul, because it cannot feel it. The analysis that the thinker places on this idea, will take yet another millennia to enlighten, if you leave it to the brain. The 3D linear experience, keeps you in a perpetual karmic loop. This is because humans keep learning the lessons they see, but not applying them with what they feel. If you feel the lessons, love will tell you that they are only examples, let them go. This can be quite a task, when your social environment keeps you in fear, of what you cannot physically touch. This includes what the intellectual, “thinks” is love. The physical Entrapment of the 3D, is in instant manifestation. The unhealed ego tells you that, the way to show love is to “buy something”. And there are plenty of holidays to prove this. “How much you got?”, physically proves your worth, In the lower vibration of the 3D matrix. Enlightenment, sheds Light on the false control of the mind......

Yes. Did you feel that? There has been a shift.

Your Light IS your I AM. Your light, is the frequency of Co-Creation. This is your soul, your true self, and the purpose of your Being. Love unconditionally, and your vibration will transcend the human mind, into the Unity Consciousness that created this world.

With much LOVE and PEACE to you all.


Image by Angela Yuriko Smith from Pixabay

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Channeled by Katherine Priscilla Lopez

Hello Light Workers, Star Family. Thank you for sharing your divine timing with us. In this time of ascension you have become allowing, in your free will, to accept your mission. This is what aligns you to every possibility. Every heaven on earth. When we ascend we are continuously, quantumly connected to the knowledge of everything that ever was and is.

Before ascension is experienced, your faith integrates you into that deeper soul connection. This experience is only a teaser. A precursor if you will. And during this time, this beginning of your enlightenment, you are looking into your past lives, the Akashic Records, for answers. But when you reach enlightenment, you are no longer needing the help of other readers or other channels to bring information through for you. When you are ascended, YOU BECOME the Akashic Records. What I mean is you become a crystal clear channel, you become the Divine. Now, what does Divine mean? Divine, meaning the ALL KNOWING. You will have no more questions, you will have no more answers. Because your peace, you know that place where all is good, is where no one can, any longer, ruin your day. This knowing is achieved when you can BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. Truth. The truth will set you free and isn't that the truth.

Accept this call willingly and your enlightenment is inevitable, so just allow it to happen. And this means YOU, whomever is reading this. This is your validation.... And there is a shift. Can you feel it? And can you hear it?

This acceptance of your path is aligning you back to the all knowing, to God, already.


Because your knowing never went anywhere. It just evolved from lesson to lesson and lifetime to lifetime.

This evolution of your identity, is your LIGHT CODE that you allowed to receive and have the shift that you just did.

Wherever there is evolution, there is LIGHT CODE.

Wherever there is progression, there is LIGHT CODE.


Wherever there is OPPOSITION, there is LIGHT CODE.


They must ALL be accepted because TOGETHER, they are BALANCE.

So now in your Awakened position, your knowingness IS YOUR LIGHT CODE.

Be mindful of who you are. Because Starseed, you are teaching even while you are sleeping, especially when you think no one is looking.

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