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Manifestation - Creating the Life You Desire

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

"The universe doesn't hear what you say, the universe hears what you feel."

Abraham Hicks

The Light Movement - Earth


Because your feelings, are your vibration. This is a constant manifestation.

What frequency are you emitting?

Why is this important?

These questions are important because, the foundation of everything is Energy.

Energy is a relationship of vibrations and frequencies.

You have co-created everything in your environment, by how you feel about it.

The energy of what you believe, is what you attract & manifest in your life.

How do you shift your perceptions, of what you are experiencing in your environment?

You do it by releasing limiting beliefs.

Your social conditioning is where you become cut off from your true identity.

The truth of who you are and your purpose for being, is in your healing.

Healing is releasing all that doesn't serve you.

This means letting go of resistance, for your healing.

No other human owns you, you own yourself.

You incarnated here to play a role of Ascension, for the good of the whole.

Your light source, your soul, has come from other galaxies, in the purpose of growing this planet.

The knowledge of your soul source is imbedded into your light body DNA.

The low frequencies of the earths 3rd density, keep you in a state of amnesia.

When awakened to your Akashic memory, your human experience begins to make sense.

Your willingness to know your truth, will set you free. Your sense of freedom is the unconditional loveliness of the God within.

God is a collective co-creative process.

God is the energy of peace.

God is not one person.

God is the spark of the Divine Light that is your Soul.

This energy of Love Light is the entire reason for your existence and that of this Planet, the Universe and the entire Galactic system. This energy is called Life, and Life will always find a way to expand, for its survival.

Now, apply this to yourself.

Are you experiencing stagnation?

Or expansion?

This is up to you.

Your truth is in your healing.

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