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Coronavirus - The Spiritual Impact

The coronavirus (COVID-19) either has or will impact every human being on this planet. My twin flame and I are still recovering from the illness and we want to share our experiences (symptoms) and also discuss how we believe the virus is affecting us on spiritual level. In addition to the physical symptoms, we believe this illness is energetic in many ways and will respond according to how you respond to it. There is a lot of collective fear regarding the virus at this time. Fear causes stress and stress weakens the immune system. A compromised immune system struggles to fight off disease which in turn can make us sicker. The physical symptoms we experienced were fortunately mild compared to what others have had to endure. Fatigue, fever, rash, headache and shortness of breath lasted for several days then the symptoms were gone for us. We still experience fatigue and headache but not consistently. We boosted our immune system with elderberry and allowed our bodies to rest so they could heal properly. We also practiced reiki daily, invoked the violet flame and meditated.

The physical implications have been very mild for us but the spiritual impact of having COVID-19 was much greater. As light-workers, starseeds and twin flames we have been through more karmic cycles than least I have. My karmic cycle has been my employment. I knew that the Divine was asking me to take a leap of faith regarding our spiritual business. But like many others have before me, I chose to be guided by fear rather than love. If I could just take that leap of faith, surrender and let go I would discover that we are fully supported by the universe. Instead I chose to cling to a job out of a false sense of security. I believed this job provided stability, security and some abundance. But what I thought was providing security was actually blocking our abundance. When I became sick with COVID-19 (and then we were both sick) it forced me to stay home and work on our mission and life purpose. It was a, maybe not so gentle, nudge to remove me from a situation that no longer served me and was not in alignment with my highest good.

The spiritual impact of COVID-19 will be different for everyone but it has forced the collective to stop, go within and start to look at the world from a new perspective. COVID-19 is the story. What is the story behind the story? What is the Divine wanting you to examine? COVID-19 is a catalyst to 'The Event'....the great awakening. We can't change the tragedy and heartbreak that is happening all over the planet. It is part of a Divine Plan that we can't fully comprehend at the moment. What we CAN change is how we react to these painful times. We CAN change how we react to this disease. Release FEAR and ask yourself.....what beautiful and positive things can be born out of this tragedy? We are light-workers, we are strong and we will not fail in our mission. We are all connected and together we can raise the vibration of Gaia and all of its' inhabitants. Together we can ascend and transcend the darkness that is being purged from this planet.

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Katherine and Tonya

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