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WHAT IS GOD??? - Channeled Message From AUHLTA of ATLANTIS

Hello, Keepers of the Light, Star Seeds. Thank you for sharing your Divine Timing with us.

When you are feeling GOD, you are feeling that YOU have allowed your confidence, to align to your soul.

And your soul is your source energy.

Source energy is unity collective consciousness.

This Energy, is the light that fuels your entire reason for being. The Connection that you are feeling as GOD. This is overwhelming and powerful. The Euphoria that you feel is “GOD”, is Love. God IS Love. And Love, is an energy, not a place person or thing. Energy is perception.

Remember this: God is a word that the, human ego mind, has given to a perception that the human mind, cannot grasp. If it is not physically tangible, it does not exist. This is the thought process of the brain. What persists, exists. A feeling is a perception that cannot be felt by the mind, because the mind is logic, not Love. Love is Energy that is felt through energy. And energy is your soul.

Yes. Can you FEEL it? You have shifted.

The feeling of God, through unawakened consciousness, is overwhelming.


Because the mind cannot comprehend, what it cannot see with human eyes. So, what is it? What is this experience that is bigger than the human life? It is YOU, darling. When the human experience shifts into a SPIRITual experience, your heart Light has been turned on. This is enlightenment. Enlightenment helps the human SEE their truth, their “GOD”, through a souls eye.

Now, let’s redefine the words of the 3D human ego. Let’s redefine them, BACK into the form they were meant for. Which is Light Form. God - the Awakened Soul. YOUforia - self love, through your remembrance of GOD, which is YOU.

Sending much peace and light...


Channeled by Katherine P Lopez

Image by Comfreak from Pixabay

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