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UNAKITE - Answered Prayers

All your great work has opened the door for Divine solutions and support.

The Divine always hears and answers our prayers. But when our heart chakras are blocked, we are not open to receiving the beautiful and amazing gifts that the Divine has placed in our path. Open your heart to love and you will begin to receive much more abundance in all forms, flowing into your life. To open your heart chakra, to give and receive, you must choose to forgive yourself and others. This will release old, stuck energy and open up the flow of abundance and answered prayers in your life. There should always be a continual, healthy flow of energy through our seven major energy centers (chakras).

The saying goes...God works in mysterious ways...But really, God / Divine / Creator / Universe / Spirit, work in the ways they were always designed to work. It is us that gives this work, the label of strange and mysterious. We will always receive an answer to our prayers, our thoughts and desires, but we must release all expectations of how these blessings come to us. Sometimes our angels come to us looking quite different from what our belief systems tell us they should. It is also important to note that the more gratitude you express for the blessings in your life (no matter how small), the more abundance you will receive!!!

Unakite is one of my favorite stones to work with. I use it for heart chakra clearing, healing and to enhance telepathic communication with pets. Unakite is useful for all types of emotional and physical healing.

Illustration is from Doreen Virtue's Crystal Angel Oracle Card Deck.

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