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Toxic Relationships - When is it time to go?

There is likely not a soul on the planet today that has not been affected by a toxic relationship in one form or another. We refer to these types of relationships as karmic soulmates or soul catalysts. In some cases this could be classified as a false twin flame. In this video, we go into detail about when it is time to leave this type of relationship and cut all energetic cords.

  1. You should always leave a relationship if you feel your safety is compromised. These types of karmic connections are to teach lessons and are not meant to last. No matter how much you love someone, it just won't last under these circumstances. It will never get better.

  2. If your person is using emotional or psychological manipulation, it's time to go. This relationship is not based on unconditional love but on control. Your person should always seek to build you up, not tear you down and manipulate you to THEIR will. It's your life, take your power back.

  3. If there is no real emotional connection, it's time to go. A relationship based on sex / physical attraction is just that and will yield nothing else.

  4. A healthy relationship is one of boundaries. A relationship that is lacking healthy boundaries, breeds low self esteem.

  5. Through your own healing, the raising of your vibration and ascension - your person does not experience soul growth of their own. If this is the case, it is likely they were not meant to spiritually awaken in this lifetime, and you will no longer be in vibrational alignment to remain in a relationship with this person.

Some final thoughts:

If a person is displaying narcissistic or abusive traits there, needs to be a separation in order to give them the opportunity to learn and grow at a soul level.

Do not stay with someone hoping that they will change and get better. It is not our jobs to try to save or fix another person. All we can do is plant the seeds of positive change so that they can do their own inner soul work. We can not do the work for them.

Don't be an enabler. Staying in a toxic relationship will not help you or the other person. It's better to move on with strength and confidence alone, than to stay in a toxic environment.

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