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Updated: Jul 23, 2020

What does satisfaction mean to you? Satisfaction is Alignment between you and you, meaning between your Higher Self and You. You will never be satisfied unless you are consciously aware of your expansion. This means you are in the knowing of what YOU have attracted through the Universal Law of Attraction. Your thoughts, actions and reactions, and your ability to stay in your own lane (or not) are all factors in creating your own reality. As without. Your inner being is a vortex of co-creation. Let go of what you can not fix or control because this is your ego getting in the way. When we are not in alignment within, our physical bodies react through meeting resistance with aches, pain or illness. When in alignment, our light and physical bodies are flowing together energetically, helping us to feel good and rest well. When we are in alignment we are also connected to the Earth's frequency and will feel any fluctuation of the elements and energy spikes. During these times it's very important to to exercise spiritual self-care. Your daily ritual should include invoking the violet flame (whichever method resonates with you). This will help you to cut and dissolve any cords of negative attachment and provide spiritual protection against psychic attacks. Remain centered and grounded by clearing your chakras of any blocks or stuck energy. A good way to do this is through self Reiki. You don't need to have a Reiki attunement to practice self Reiki. Reiki energy is life force energy and is available to everyone. It can be extremely beneficial even without the attunement. These daily practices will help to keep you centered and balanced....and will also help you to attract more positive experiences into your life.

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