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What is a Twin Flame and what is the Twin Flame Journey?

There are a lot of misconceptions and confusion about twin flames, soulmates and karmic partners. There are also many misconceptions about the twin flame journey. What is the purpose of it? Why is it so hard? Sometimes the twin flame journey seems even harder than it really is due to the misconceptions and confusion surrounding it.

To clear some of the confusion let's first talk about our soul families. Your soul family is comprised of your spiritual and / or galactic family. These are souls that you incarnate with over and over in order to grow and evolve spiritually. You and your soul family will play different roles for each other in different lifetimes. For example, your child in this lifetime may have been your parent in another. Soulmates (including karmic soulmates and soul catalysts) are also members of your soul family. Sometimes it is very difficult to accept that members of our own soul family can cause so much pain and completely disrupt our lives. Members of our soul family must sometimes play the villain rather than the knight in shining armour. This is not to cause us unbearable, gut-wrenching pain (although this is often an unfortunate side effect) rather, it is for our own spiritual growth. Many times soulmates come into our lives to teach us lessons such as self love and setting healthy boundaries. They come in to teach us what love is, and what it is not. They teach us that we don't need a savior.....we are fully capable of taking our power back and saving ourselves. These lessons are a necessary part of life and a necessary part of the twin flame journey. This is what helps prepare us for union with our twin flame.

So, when will I meet my twin flame? Where can I find my twin flame and who is my twin flame? It will likely come as a surprise to most that the timing (divine timing) of when you will meet your twin flame is almost totally up to you. When you are in alignment with the twin flame connection the Universe will conspire and take action to bring the two of you together. Then......exactly what is a twin flame? A twin flame is often described as one soul in two bodies. This does not mean you are half of a soul or are somehow incomplete without our twin flame. Think of biological identical twins - two babies from one egg. Is a human identical twin only half of a person? No, of course not! But it has been shown that identical twins have a psychic connection or telepathy. Twin flames also have a psychic connection and do experience telepathy. Spiritually you are never separate from your twin flame. Twin flames are not, however, like identical twins in appearance. You may look somewhat like your twin flame or you may not. Every twin flame connection is unique and different by design. Twin flames can better be described as yin and yang. Twin flames provide a perfect balance for one another. We all have inside of us the feminine and masculine energies. In a twin flame connection one twin is predominantly masculine energy while the other is predominantly feminine energy - biology is irrelevant. In our many lifetimes we have experienced virtually everything....all sexes, races, religions, etc. Twin flame love is unconditional.

In order to gain a better understanding of when you will meet and be with your twin flame you must first gain a better understanding of the twin flame journey. One of the common misconceptions of the twin flame journey is that you meet your perfect match, fall in love and live happily ever after. Of course that's what we all want! But you have to do the work first. The work consists of healing every aspect of yourself (the good, the bad and the ugly). Your twin flame will appear in your life when you are a vibrational match for the twin flame connection. The twin flame journey is about spiritual growth, evolution and ascension. Twin Flame Union is the reward for all of your hard work. It is critical to stop focusing on your twin flame and your union and start focusing on yourself. You can't go directly from the beginning to the ending without travelling the path in between. We must learn the lessons that the karmics (people, places, things) come in to teach us and level us up! Until we can recognize and learn these karmic lessons then history will continue to repeat itself until we do. Self-love, self-worth and unconditional love are huge lessons for twin flames and the collective as well. We are not able to love others unconditionally until we can first love ourselves unconditionally. When we balance our masculine and feminine energies within (inner union) then we are ready to balance our masculine and feminine energies with our twin flame (union). Of course the level of healing involved can be very extensive and is different for every twin flame connection but self-love, self-worth and unconditional love are the building blocks of the twin flame connection.

As within, so without....

As above, so below......

When you love yourself unconditionally, you draw unconditional love to you.

As you begin your journey of healing and ascension, your twin flame union will strengthen in the 5D and can then manifest in the physical. Divine timing = vibrational alignment. Healing = vibrational alignment. The commitment you make to yourself and your own healing IS the commitment you make to your twin flame. The journey can be difficult but the rewards are great! If you are feeling stuck in your twin flame journey or life in general, schedule a session and heal with us today!

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