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What makes you different is really your SUPER POWER!

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

I have struggled my entire life with being different. First.....I was adopted so I always felt as though I was very different from my siblings and other family members. I tried to fit in but it was like trying to force a square peg into a round hole. No matter how hard I just wasn't possible. It took a very long time for me to understand (after my spiritual awakening) that I was never designed to fit in. As a light-worker, starseed or twin flame we all have psychic abilities that are innate whether they are developed or not. When our creativity and abilities are stifled it creates resistance and can manifest as physical or psychological disease. But as we awaken spiritually we soon realize that there is nothing wrong with us.....we are just different. We are different for very good reason...we have a special mission here on Gaia that involves using the gifts that God / Universe gave us to help others during this Great Awakening. We always fit in and always have a sense of belonging with our soul families.

The card for today is Moldavite from the Crystal Angels deck. You're unique qualities should be celebrated...they are your super powers and they are a part of your life's purpose. If your opinions and ways of thinking don't align with others around you this is actually a sign of your creative ability. You're ability to look at things from a different perspective will help others out of their own stagnation and is something the world desperately needs right now. The path of the light-worker / starseed / twin flame can be quite lonely at times because we are so different. Just like Moldavite, we are other-worldly in a sense but...there are many other like us scattered around our villages, towns, cities and the world. Take advantage of social platforms such as FaceBook to reach out to and connect to other members of your soul family. You are all welcome to join our FaceBook group.

Moldavite is a clear, green crystal that comes from meteorites and is only found in the Czech Republic. Moldavite radiates a very high energy and may make you feel light headed and ungrounded. Moldavite is a catalyst for lucid dreaming, astral projection and meditations for World Peace.

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