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What is your dream?

Are you living your dream?

These are the questions to ask yourself, when you are feeling stagnant. Your dream can look like whatever you want, once you are KNOWING who you are.

This comes first.

WHO are you and WHY?

This requires introspection and self healing, to discover the answer. Your answer will come to you, through your faith. So, what do you believe in? Ask yourself this question through YOUR authenticity, not what you are conditioned to think or believe in.

Your TRUE self, in faith, will always guide you to your your PURPOSE, in this Human experience.

If your are needing guidance on your ascension / spiritual path book a Spirit Session with us today. We will channel your Higher Self and Spirit Guides to assist you in finding a way forward.

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Hello Keepers of the Light, Star Seeds. Thank you for sharing your Divine Timing with us.

Let’s talk about cultural creatives. These are the awakened. They are where separatist end. The cultural creatives of the Western Hemisphere, have been trying to break free from social conditioning for centuries, until now.

NOW, is who you ARE.

It’s who you’ve always been, and now you are no longer shy. Those of you listening and reading this transmission, are the pioneers of your true culture. Unity Consciousness.

Unity Consciousness is the ONE culture, tradition, that is the origin, of the creation, of this planet Earth.

Which is, a unified utopian life evolve the hearts of man...not to separate and divide. And you are not a centurion, that Only caters to the ideals of the those in ego control. This is a linearly, outdated paradigm.

The concept of linear “time” was introduced for goals.

The sleeping human mind, poured their fears and insecurities into how you measure your time, and created an even larger division.

This division was made between YOU and YOU.

Which means, the spark of your Divinity was not fanned, it was blown out. Which is also in the plan.

The “Goal”, is for YOU to experience initiation through ignition.

Yes. Did you feel that? There has been a shift.

The leading edge of human cultivation is ancient, and timeless. This edge is timeless, because your origins ARE from the stars. From this view, the flow is eternal. This flow is the beginning and the end, at the same time. The Alfa and the omega. Which is only to be a measurement of balance, not of control. Your hierarchies, know this concept... This concept has them shaking in their boots.


Because their boots are no longer able to stomp on you. Your strength is immeasurable.

How can they presume to be able to contain it? They can, by Your Faith. So where is it? Is your “trust” in the failed truths of others? Exactly. Find it and know it from yourself. This is how you were created. You were created in the image of your ancestors. They ARE your Star Family. This is what the manipulative 3D “mind”, has seen as a threat. With much peace and love.



Image by Adri Marie from Pixabay

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Hello, Keepers of the Light, Star Seeds. Thank you for sharing your Divine Timing with us.

When you are feeling GOD, you are feeling that YOU have allowed your confidence, to align to your soul.

And your soul is your source energy.

Source energy is unity collective consciousness.

This Energy, is the light that fuels your entire reason for being. The Connection that you are feeling as GOD. This is overwhelming and powerful. The Euphoria that you feel is “GOD”, is Love. God IS Love. And Love, is an energy, not a place person or thing. Energy is perception.

Remember this: God is a word that the, human ego mind, has given to a perception that the human mind, cannot grasp. If it is not physically tangible, it does not exist. This is the thought process of the brain. What persists, exists. A feeling is a perception that cannot be felt by the mind, because the mind is logic, not Love. Love is Energy that is felt through energy. And energy is your soul.

Yes. Can you FEEL it? You have shifted.

The feeling of God, through unawakened consciousness, is overwhelming.


Because the mind cannot comprehend, what it cannot see with human eyes. So, what is it? What is this experience that is bigger than the human life? It is YOU, darling. When the human experience shifts into a SPIRITual experience, your heart Light has been turned on. This is enlightenment. Enlightenment helps the human SEE their truth, their “GOD”, through a souls eye.

Now, let’s redefine the words of the 3D human ego. Let’s redefine them, BACK into the form they were meant for. Which is Light Form. God - the Awakened Soul. YOUforia - self love, through your remembrance of GOD, which is YOU.

Sending much peace and light...


Channeled by Katherine P Lopez

Image by Comfreak from Pixabay

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