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There is a lot of information out there today meant to guide you toward identifying your twin flame. In the end, however, only you can determine who your twin flame is. We examine some of the indicators that you have met your twin flame and compare them to what we experienced on our twin flame journey to Union. The truth will always come from within yourself when you are ready and in Divine Timing. Here are some indicators you may have met your Twin Flame.

1. For the awakened twin there is a very powerful connection that you feel upon meeting your twin flame. This connection may feel similar to a soulmate but is much stronger and feels 'different' than anything you have felt before. The sleeper twin may not feel the connection the same least not at first. As the awakened Twin continues to heal, evolve and does the sleeper. Everything you do for yourself will affect your Twin Flame as well.

2. You may have intense dreams or visions of your twin flame appearing in your life. Katherine had many dreams of her twin flame beginning in childhood although this happened many years before there was actually a 3D word for what a Twin Flame. I also had dreams of Katherine after we met. We both felt each other's presence before the manifestation happened in the physical. We also want to say that you can also have dreams about a karmic soulmate or pre (false) twin flame. There is only one twin flame, however, if you are not yet ready for your twin flame or for union, the Universe may send a soulmate with similar energy as your twin in order for you to work on your healing and self worth. Although very painful, this will teach you to develop your own intuition and will ultimately prepare you for your Twin Flame Union.

3. You may have past life memories with your twin. It is very important to keep a dream journal to document dreams that you have had and any other messages from Spirit such as angel numbers, feathers, coins, etc. Spirit will frequently send us messages while in dream state because this may be the only time we are out of our way long enough to receive messages. Also, Katherine recalls the first time meeting me and how it felt like 'coming home' and that she finally found me. This recognition can also trigger some very strong emotions due to experiences from this life as well as past lives. This may result in a push - pull dynamic between the twins until they are able to identify what needs to be healed. If you are stuck in this phase of your journey you can schedule a Quantum Chakra Regression (Past-Life) Healing today to quantum leap you on your path.

4. You and your twin flame are not just alike even though you are of the same soul. A karmic soulmate may feel more like a sibling due to the similarities. Twin Flame's are Yin and Yang. A perfect balance. This will become more and more obvious as you get closer to Union within yourself and Union with your twin flame.

5. You have a very strong psychic connection with your twin flame that includes telepathy. We have experienced telepathy by sensing and feeling each other's emotions, physical sensations, physical pain, illnesses, etc. This connection will continue to get stronger because as twin flames your chakras are merging into one.

6. It is common for twin flames to already be in a relationship when they meet. One of the biggest challenges of the twin flame journey is taking that leap of faith. Letting go of what no longer serves you. (karmic relationships, karmic jobs, karmic family members, etc.) There is always a situation that requires the twins to take a leap of faith in order to move forward on their path.

7. Although you may face many hardships on your path and in life, you will always evolve and ascend together. When the going gets tough, the karmic gets going. The twin flame will stay. Your twin flame will always push you to be a better person.

8. Separation from your twin flame seems unbearable. Although you are whole by yourself, you seem to function better when in your twin flames energy.

9. Because of the amount of healing that is required to come into union with your Twin Flame, you will come to understand yourself more deeply on a soul level than you would alone or with another.

10. Unconditional Love. You and your twin flame love each other unconditionally. You and your twin flame are here to expand your consciousness and the consciousness of those around you.

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Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Lightworkers, Twin Flames and Starseeds often experience a sense of loneliness during this time of immense change and growth. Our friends and family members who are not on a path of enlightenment struggle to understand us at best and believe we are crazy at worst. It is important to remain centered and grounded during these times and to reach out to soul family for support.

As Light-Walkers and Light-Talkers, as Casters and Seers, we are always self-sacrificing for those that chose Not to awaken. How does that make you feel? Why? Do you feel that THEY are not worth the sacrifice, or is it that YOU are not worth the sacrifice. To feel that THEY are not worth the sacrifice, is being in ego. They sacrificed their awakening for YOURS. Now, how do you feel about the others? Everything that you have pained your way through, has and is, happening FOR you, for your ascension, it is not happening to you.

We go through a lot of challenging circumstances in our lives because God / the Universe saves the toughest battles for the toughest warriors. We are light warriors and all that is in our path is there for a reason. The trials and tribulations that we endure are what enables us to not only survive but to come out of these situations even stronger. And this is what enables us to teach and be a positive example to those who did choose to awaken, and are struggling. Our super power is our ability to survive, arise from the ashes even stronger and show others they can do the same.

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Updated: Jul 23, 2020

What does satisfaction mean to you? Satisfaction is Alignment between you and you, meaning between your Higher Self and You. You will never be satisfied unless you are consciously aware of your expansion. This means you are in the knowing of what YOU have attracted through the Universal Law of Attraction. Your thoughts, actions and reactions, and your ability to stay in your own lane (or not) are all factors in creating your own reality. As without. Your inner being is a vortex of co-creation. Let go of what you can not fix or control because this is your ego getting in the way. When we are not in alignment within, our physical bodies react through meeting resistance with aches, pain or illness. When in alignment, our light and physical bodies are flowing together energetically, helping us to feel good and rest well. When we are in alignment we are also connected to the Earth's frequency and will feel any fluctuation of the elements and energy spikes. During these times it's very important to to exercise spiritual self-care. Your daily ritual should include invoking the violet flame (whichever method resonates with you). This will help you to cut and dissolve any cords of negative attachment and provide spiritual protection against psychic attacks. Remain centered and grounded by clearing your chakras of any blocks or stuck energy. A good way to do this is through self Reiki. You don't need to have a Reiki attunement to practice self Reiki. Reiki energy is life force energy and is available to everyone. It can be extremely beneficial even without the attunement. These daily practices will help to keep you centered and balanced....and will also help you to attract more positive experiences into your life.

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