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SAFE is code for FEAR

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Although it is wonderful and beautiful and we are in awe of our awakenings, WE still harbor the fears and nonsense negativity of our 3D programming. Know yourself, Yes, love yourself, Yes, not through limitation of belief. Feel the Knowing of what is true, This is how to breakthrough the human condition of control and rules. Source / God / Collective Energy / WE are free, all encompassing, all knowing, all feeling, all loving.

Spirit is energy, We have a charge, We have a flow. When the human condition resists, there is a stagnate charge. Why resist love, happiness, because of conformality? MOVE OUT OF THE COMFORT ZONE. Staying "safe" is code for "fear", which is a limiting inherit belief. Stay "safe" and you'll never go anywhere, experience, expand, learn and teach. So what do chose? Live someone else's fears, live someone else's beliefs? YOU are WORTH getting to know.

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