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Hello, Keepers of the Light, Star Seeds. Thank you for sharing your Divine Timing with us.


What does this really mean?

It means Compromised passion. When you are consciously asleep through your social conditioning, your reason for existing is shut down and turned off. Thus, leaving a perception of separation. The human ego mind, the brain, doesn’t feel the connection with the soul. The shadow ego translates this “disconnection” into abandonment. So then, the most stubborn and hurt of the unawakened says, “come join us”, “because no one else knows this abandonment, this darkness, like us”, and, “Do what we do, because you’ll feel better”.

Get where I’m getting to? The “disconnection” IS the darkness.

This is the separation between your mind , body and soul. Alignment is the key. This happens when you can release everything you have been taught, by your society.


Because your society isn’t REAL.

Society is only symptoms of what hasn’t evolved.

Yes. Did you feel that? There has been a shift.

This is the play on 3D words. Words are always giving a unity consciousness connotation. You can feel the true meaning of these words, through your heart. Which means, through your soul. If you cannot do this, then you are hopelessly stuck in 3D linear thinking. And, you won’t “get it” until the next time around. Meaning, in the next human experience, the next “life”time. And here is another play on 3D words, “life” time. The shadow ego of the 3D linear mind, says that “life” is only once. Which is the here and now. But, what the human mind doesn’t tell you is, that you cannot “feel” life, unless you are living from your soul.


Because this is who you truly are. This is your true form and your nature of being.

The characteristics of your human body are symptoms. Symptoms of the lessons that you are learning, from this particular “life”time. The shadow ego, human mind, gets in the way. This happens because, the human mind vibrates at a 3D level. A higher frequency, a stronger vibration, helps you SEE through this. If you want to know what your path is, what your journey is in this particular human experience, look in the mirror. What color are you? What gender is your human body. What is the belief system that you have CHOSEN to be? All of these factors are only symptoms. They are NOT your truth. They are only perceptions. These perceptions are only given, as a way to express your life path, your passion.

Look at yourself in mirror. What do you see?

Now, close your eyes and take a slow, cleansing breath. What do you feel?

Breathing is life giving. Breathing moves your flow, the energy of your soul. This energy is your light knowledge. Your breath clears away the blocks, that are keeping you from feeling your truth. Your truth is your Soul Source, God, and Spirit. They are all in the same. Your breath, your heart beat, isn’t “controlled” by the brain. They are only being sustained, by the brain. Your breath and heartbeat WILL stop, when your lessons are accomplished. Then, you’ll be on to the next. To the next “life” time, in the human experience.

This experience is about learning. So, wake up now and learn it, and move on.

Because when you do, you can have the true experience of your journey, of your purpose. Which is, experiencing Heaven on earth. YOU are your “personal” Heaven on earth. Just as YOU are your “personal” hell. Which is your stubbornness to wake up. Fire and brimstone are only the blocks that you’ve allowed yourself to believe, of others. Well, guess what? These “others”, are also stuck, in the same dense, lower 3D vibration. Get it now? No one is above you or below you. No one IS or can be the same. Because, we are all “living”, through our own paths. Which is, the evolution of the human mind. With much Love and Peace. -- AUHLTA

Channeled by Katherine Priscilla Lopez

Image by John Hain from Pixabay

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