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COVID - 19 The Next Step in Human Evolution

There is a lot of information and misinformation out there today about the coronavirus. This is an excerpt from a message that Katherine channeled from a Pleiadian Collective called 'WE'. This message will not resonate with everyone.

This virus creates a shift in perception that is necessary to change the perceptions in the financial and health organizations because of the next step in technology that we are transitioning into. It creates a shift in perception that is necessary on the individual level as well. Challenging events, karmic cycles, soul catalysts happen FOR us and not to us. This virus is meant to help us evolve individually, as a collective and as the human race. It's like Judgement Day in a sense. Not all will make the free will choice to evolve from the 3D to the 5D. That is their choice. Ascension energies are very harsh and can take a toll on the physical body. Not all souls have chosen to make the transition to the 5D in the physical realm. The EVENT.....this transition is meant to be heaven on earth. A transition from the physical body to the light body without experiencing physical death. This virus is a change agent that is forcing humanity to go inside and reconnect with the divine, and learn to develop and learn our own intuition. Every human being on this planet has psychic is innate in us all. During this time it is very important to release fear of the illness, fear of the future and fear in general. We have the ability to create our own realities with only our thoughts. If you put fear energy into a situation you could be creating your own reality by making a bad situation even worse. Release all fear and trust in the divine, the universe and yourself. Keep your vibration high and give your body, mind and spirit the opportunity to heal itself. The ability to let go of all expectations and trust in the divine plan. The path of least resistance is going with the flow.

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