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Hello Keepers of the Light, Star Family. Thank you for sharing your Divine Timing with us.

Today is a day that has never been experienced before. But you recognize this day, because you can feel it. This Recognition is your knowing. Your connection to your inner Divinity tells you, that, today is your BEST day.


Because today, you are consciously and mindfully, feeling your Heaven on earth. As you have ascended into Unity Consciousness, you are NOW, willingly co-creating this paradise. It takes a village to grow a community of peace and they are ready. Who are you allowing to help?

It is no longer an issue of trust or love or discerning another’s energy. Your willingness, your unconditional love, tells you that you are “feeling” and remembering the Divinity in others. These others are your Soul Family and they are just as loving, supportive, and guided to the awakening, as YOU are.

Yes. Did you feel that? There has been a shift.

As a collective consciousness in Unity, you have passed through a very pivotal timeline. Our anticipation of this uncharted territory, is the symptoms of ascension. Our position of objectivity, gave us a benefit of the doubt. So, we poked and prodded your journey. We have whispered guidance into your ears. We have shown you Heaven in your thoughts. We have activated Love, into your DNA. Our faith, in YOU, is trust. And PATIENCE is the guidance, that you awaken through. Give your Patience, to the “others” in your human experience. For, “they” chose to BE your purpose for awakening. They chose to forget who they truly are, but you didn’t. Remember this. You KNOW their truth. Love everyone through your Patience.

Sending much peace and light. -AUHLTA Channeled by Katherine P. Lopez

Image by Ian Lindsay from Pixabay

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