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Hello light workers and Star seeds. I am AUHLTA of ATLANTIS. Thank you for sharing your divine timing with us.

Today, you are seeing with your soul eye. This vision, isn’t new at all. You are looking through, what your soul source ancestors envisioned, for the role of this planet. This vision is of unconditional love, bliss, abundance, and the beauty way, for you and our evolving Star seed family.

The calibration of our collective light grid, IS what your mission and Journey is all about. YOU are the way showers: How to Grow Unconditionally on a 3D planet. How? By loving yourself.

Yes. Did you feel that? There has been a shift.

It doesn’t take much, just your awareness. Awareness is Awakening to knowledge. This knowing is your passion, for your inner truth. And you did it! Our collective consciousness has brought a healing peace. A peace that says, All is possible now. Heaven on this Beautiful Earth is here. It always has been. You just needed to feel it, within yourself. This feeling is your Soul Source Connection to GOD, to Spirit, to US, Your Star Seed Ancestors. Continue to acknowledge your lineage of Light. You ARE the frequencies that co-creates this Paradise we call Earth.

Sending Much Peace & Light.


Channeled by Katherine Lopez

Image by Daniel Hannah from Pixabay

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