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Hello Light Workers, Star Seeds. I am AUHLTA of Atlantis. Thank you for sharing your Divine Timing with us.

You come into this human experience, gung-ho! You are vibrating high to get this mission done. Because you/us/we, are at the finish line, with all that we have learned and experienced of the 3D vibration. You are excited about this particular human experience because in this one, you are integrating all that you have explored. You are reaping the rewards, per say, in this last one. You chose to have this disassociation of your experiences. These are aspects of yourself from other “life times”(other human experiences). You chose to teach how to integrate all of your selves, into one. This means to bring your manifestations, your heaven on earth, the easy life. But, like earth school, you must graduate into your light body ascension, in order to receive your PhD.

This is why you are on a healing path, of releasing all of your past lifetimes. In short, the disassociation is that, you are needing to retrieve and integrate your soul. Cut cords with all of your human experiences. This centers and grounds you. In other words, helps you enlighten. Which means to remember who you are. Shedding light on the darkness. See how we got these terms? The knowledge has always been there for you all. Always in plain view until you are ready to know it. In YOUR Divine Timing.

The biggest perception to release, is your life purpose. The disassociation that needs to happen, is with the 3D subconsciousness. This divided consciousness is a vibration, that is too low, for the vibration of our “conscious” source energy vibration. This is where the terms, awakening and woke come from. You need to wake up from the human experience, that you chose to have, as your greatest achievement.

Retirement and smooth sailing. The human 3D subconsciousness feels this perception of completion. We come in backwards, because we ARE the professors already. But, since YOU ARE the answer, your purpose is to create the formula. Jesus did this, Buddha, and other enlightened Human Experiences. We are a few others, that took on the same task. To be pioneers of what/why/how to do, with what our Light has illuminated.

Sending much Peace and Light.


Channeled by Katherine Lopez

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

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