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The Sweet Life!!!

Being in lack mentality is comical to spirit. It’s like sitting at a table, full of a variety of cake, but yet you are rolling around on the ground, crying and throwing a spoiled fit that, you can’t have a sweet dessert!

Why not? It’s less that a foot away from you at the table. Just reach out and get some. Have a slice. The dessert is always there. It’s up to you to feel worthy, to love yourself enough, to enjoy the sweetness of comfort it gives you.

When you reach for a slice of cake, at that moment, you’re not worrying about anything or in a lack mentality. In that moment, you are in your total surrender of the knowing that, mmmm..... that cake is gonna be soooo good and heavenly on the taste buds! THIS is the knowing that we are meant to be in, always, every day, for everything and for everyone. Just like the 3D Matrix knowing that, the cake is good through experience. It’s the same for reaching for that slice of abundance and prosperity. It’s your awakened consciousness helping you to Remember what the abundance & prosperity feels like, as they are always there for the taking. When in this awakened knowing, you are in the constant flow of the conscious collective, and this evolves you into being in a state of being able to share in the wealth of sweetness, through an infinite flow of expansion.

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