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What is Your Life Purpose?

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

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What is my Life Purpose?

If you are asking this question, you are on an enlightened journey.

Discovering a Life Purpose, is where most of you become stuck. Your initiation into the journey, came from triggers, for your self-awareness. These triggers or life experiences, teach you, what you do & don't want in your life.

All of which, are attracted to you, for your life purpose.

So, I'll ask you this way, "What are your Passions?". I ask this, because your passion is the driving force, behind your actions. Your passions shape the manifesting energy of your life path and purpose.

Enlightenment takes you to the centered and grounded, objective energy, that helps you get there. And there, is the place within, where you are happy in the manifestations that you have created, through your calling. Your calling is

the path, that your healing awakening has lead you to.

Your human path/calling is to manifest what you feel, from the guidance of your conscious self.

Your desires, what you attract, all of it. This is your path.

Meaning, whatever you have awakened to be, is your desired manifested path.

Know that, all that you have been, and all that you will become, happens from your inner guidance wisdom. You came into this human experience, already knowing the shifts of consciousness, that are meant to be. Not to be what your social conditioning tells you.

You are in this human experience, as a part of a cosmic collective unity consciousness. You are here, in purpose, to assist the evolution of humanity.

This is the purpose of enlightenment.



Katherine channels Auhlta, who is an integrated, higher-self light being from the Galactic Council of Atlas. Atlas is a planet in the Pleaides Constellation.

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